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February 13, 2014

I won't even try to concoct a story as to how these articles relate to each other.  They don't! But I needed to share these with you anyhow.  So, please forgive the randomness. Ready?

Sparkly Earrings || These just made me happy and I love how they are modern'ish in that they look like the an ear cuff except they are infinitely more elegant. 

Floral Top ||  The fabric and the colors just sang to me.  What a cute top! And the detail at the waist is just perfect. Very ladylike.

Blow-up Swan ||  Ok, I need one of these for my pool.  I think I would blow it up whenever I have a cocktail party and have him hang out poolside.  It's so chic.  I spotted it in the background of this amazing and glamorous baby shower which Andrea posted about here.  

Tassel Earrings ||  Molly mentioned she had these earrings and it reminded me of how much I loved them.  They are back in stock and would be so fun for summer.

Gold Flatware || You will remember I got some here and cannot tell you how thrilled I am with them.  I use them constantly.  They look so dressed-up for fancy dinners and wash and wear so beautifully.  They really make food taste better and make tablescapes pop.

Green and pink tunic ||  remember when I blogged about these tunics?  Well, Sail to Sable is offering Mimosa lane readers a discount of 30% (that is a very sweet deal!) with promo code SOCIAL.  So, if you were thinking about getting one now is your chance.

File cabinet ||  Ok, obviously I'm saving the best for last. If my soulmate werea piece of office furniture, this file cabinet would be it!   If you saw my office you know it was meant to be.  I need two for my office.  I die.

And with that. Happy Day sweet friends. See you tomorrow.

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  1. I love floral anything. Tory Burch always makes the best tunics!

  2. It's settled. I'm asking for gold flatware on the next present exchanging opportunity. I guess that would be tomorrow. Somebody better start shopping!!

  3. That is one of the chicest filing cabinets I have ever seen! I am loving the colors. That floral top is so pretty, I need to see some color, it is snowing like mad again!

  4. Stop. That is a filing cabinet?! Love this whole board.


  5. That file cabinet is PERFECT! I love the white too!!

  6. I'm totally buying a pair of these swans for our pool... aren't they fabulous?! Thanks for the shout out!! :)

    The Glam Pad

  7. Those tassel earrings have been on my mind as well! love them.

  8. I love love love those tassel earrings! I'm also a big fan of the flatware and Sail to Sable tunic!

  9. Haha. Love the randomness Albertina! It's kind of my mindset today too.

  10. Love this cabinet! The color is perfect and the brass handles and legs ...!
    I also need one for my office :)

  11. OMG I'm totally getting a blow-up swan for my parent's pool this summer. And then I'm going to hang out on it all summer long looking like this : http://www.savvyhomeblog.com/2013/08/worthy-links-230813.html

  12. Oh those earring are so pretty. Both earrings are so classy and perfect for any outfit. That flatware is so elegant too. Great choices indeed!

  13. I can't get enough of your selection! Random but fabulous! I don't have a pool and I want the Swan! I love the filing cabinet...it's so chic!

  14. That floral top is lovely! Is it spring yet??

  15. Haha! That swan is so cute. You need that for your pool! xo


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