DIY Trays

February 08, 2012

I guess this is DIY day here on Mimosa Lane!  I thought I would also post a smaller project that I came up with and absolutely love in case the Ikea hack was too much for you.  This project is easy peasy and with an 'oh so cute' result.  Those with young kids probably know the Melissa and Doug little art project kits.  Like this one here.  The  little kits come in the cutest packaging that includes wooden trays in great colors.  Anyway, I kept saving the trays because they were too functional and I had a feeling they would come in handy someday. So, with all this craze of spray painting things with gold I had the idea to decorate my little trays and convert them into jewellery caddies or for pens in a drawer or just a collect-all. So here they are!!

Cute huh?   These two examples are of a purple and a pink tray.  I just added the gold.  And made sure I covered the 'Melissa and Doug' logo with the paint.  Now I want to reorganize all my drawers and make them all picture perfect.  And because these trays are like eye candy you won't want to mess those drawers up EVER again.  So by recycling these you can be chic and green at the same time.

I hope you venture and try this.  You will be giddy afterwards. I promise!  Do you have any fun, easy DIYs I should try?

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  1. I'vealso been saving these thinking I could use them somehow. Thank You! Great idea!

    1. Try it out Carla! You will love your drawers from then on so much! I promise :)

  2. Replies
    1. MOLLY and JESSICA- Thank you ladies!! Molly, I will make one for you when I collect some more :)


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