Escher's Appeal

February 16, 2012

I really like the designs of Prabal Gurung.  I think his pre-fall and fall collections for 2012 are a great mix of cool, edgy and feminine, all at the same time.  I'm very attracted to his prints especially.  If you know me you know the dress above looks just like me.  I love it.  I kept looking at the print trying to think of what it reminded me of - M.C. Escher, the graphic artist!  I love patterns so ever since I discovered Escher as a young girl I loved all his work and his play with positive and negative space.  I had a couple of his posters in my high school dorm.  I loved looking at his impossible constructions and trying and decipher where the technical error was.  You know, like this print.  

So I was inspired by the beautiful dress and Escher's aesthetic and decided to design a study area for Mr. Escher.  And here it is!  I figured he needed that beautiful antique desk (who wouldn't!) with a very comfortable yet good looking chair for his long hours of studying and some patterns around (hence the rug and the vase).  He, for sure, needed a mirror for his many self-portraits like this one:
And the horse statue probably would inspire him to do all the horse prints he did.  And the wooden cubes....well, he was a carpenter and a great woodcut artist and a lot of his designs are based on these shapes.  Perfect!  Anyone else want a study like this one?

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  1. iamcarito@gmail.comFebruary 16, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    I love Escher too!! And I want to have that dress!! Beautiful study for Mr.Escher. Love the fabric... I wonder who was the designer? ummm

  2. Thanks Caro. The designers usually design their own farbics so they are one of a kind and no one else has them. xx


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