Globe Trottin

February 05, 2012

I love globes.  My friend has a beautiful collection in her laundry room.  They look so chic in there.  They even inspire me to do laundry. Imagine that! I want to steal them all. I think they add interest to any room.  I was smitten when I found these beautiful art works by ImagineNations while leafing through an old Traditional Home Magazine.

They are handmade by Wendy Gold.  She can custom make them for you or you can order from her preexisting designs.  What a perfect gift! for a traveler, a friend who loves unique things, for a child, for a couple just getting married or for yourself.  Isn't the one with butterflies magical?!  I want to start my collection today!

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  1. lovely globes and a lovely layout! i think every home needs a pretty globe... it just makes you seem more wordly!

    1. I agree Molly! Do you have one? This could be an interesting decoupage project! If I find one I might try it. Are you crafty at all?


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