Mosaic Walls

February 01, 2012

 Can you imagine having the patience to create a mosaic? Not me.
What an amazing skill. 

Church on Spilled Blood

 Lego wall. Endless possibilities.
Courtesy of HGTV

Margate's Shell Temple
Courtesy of Haute Nature

A farmer in England discovered this grotto on his property in 1835 when a mysterious hole appeared in one of his fields. There are over four and a half million shells lining the walls. 
No one knows the origins. Its said to be haunted. Spooky!

You don't have to go to England to find amazing shell grottos. Dallas artisan Connie Chantillis can create one just for you.
CAC Shell grotto
Look at this killer mirrored wall in CAC's new studio
CAC Studio

Oh the possibilities are endless.
What can I mosaic in my house??.....

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  1. I love the look, but I definitely don't have the patience to DIY one...Crazy about the mystery grotto!

  2. I know. I think I would loose my mind. The grotto is right up my alley. Can you imagine going in there at night!


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