Art is everywhere, if you look at it right.

March 15, 2012

These two photos struck me as beautiful as my husband was browsing the web. Wao! Is that a cliff in the Grand Canyon? Is that other one a rock?

Photograph courtesy B. Anasori, M. Naguib, Y. Gogotsi, and M. Barsoum, Drexel University
Photograph courtesy Bryan William Jones, University of Utah
Um, not really. The first is a photo of a new family of two-dimensional materials called MXene. Duhhh. This material could lead to advancements in the field of energy storage. And the second photo is.....yup, you guessed it! The cross section of a mouse eye. This photo, as you probably realize reveals the complex signs of metabolism taking place. Of course! I knew that!

Both won prizes for best photos in 2011 at National Geographic. Go check out the other ones here. I promise they are cool.

Ok. This proves it.....Beauty and inspiration are everywhere if you look at it right. Are you inspired? I think I'm going to make a mood board for a preppy pink and green room now- inspiration courtesy of the mouse's eye.

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