Weekend recap

April 23, 2012

T-Mobile "T"?
Little Ms. A loved seeing her letter "A" at the Dallas flea market.
We found a clever etsy vendor, Southern Fried Paper. Love those cards!  I almost got the "I love you more than that guy from Twilight" card for my husband (I heart Robert Pattinson)...but my husband has no idea what Twilight is....thus defeating the purpose. Check out their other fab offerings here.
We saw lots and lots of boots.  I still don't own a pair.  I doubt I ever will.  But they make for good photos.
We had some wonderful friends for dinner.  These flowers graced our dinner table with their beautyI made this flourless chocolate tart here for dessert.
We have so many roses in our garden.  And the weather this weekend was perfection.  We were outside for most of it.
We were lucky enough to see tons of lady bugs. I think they were out celebrating Earth day.
Little Ms. A built a flowery palace for the lady bug.  Do you see how happy it is?
We hope you had a fun weekend.  Have a great start to your week. Happy Monday!!

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  1. Beautiful pics!! Sounds like a great weekend. I wish I'd seen that pic of the letter "A" before I did my mint + black post this morning. It would have been perfect!!

  2. Albertina:

    mIRA MI BLOG he nominado tu blog para un premio. saludos



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