The Day after Thanksgiving

November 23, 2012

How quickly good things come to an end!  I hope you all had beautiful celebrations yesterday.  Our was really lovely.  We had tons of champagne and wine and the food was amazing.  Every single dish was divine.  And the best part was being surrounded by loved ones.  This was our Thanksgiving table.  I grabbed some olive branches from our tree and spray painted them gold to fill in the table since we were using place-mats instead of a tablecloth.   The turkey place cards added an element of fun.  My camera's battery died so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked. 

 Here are my mom and I in such contrasting patterns.  Can you tell we both love our necklaces?  And then below is Little Miss A. with her dad.  That beautiful dress she has on used to be mine.  She has an amazing closet filled with vintage dresses- a fashionista indeed.

And the mom's famous pecan pie and my chocolate dessert was a hit.  I highly recommend this recipe if you like chocolate and meringue.  I was very impressed.  I need to work on my cake assembly skills.  Next time I make it (because you gotta repeat something that good) I hope to take nicer photos.

I'm excited because a cold front is coming (it was in the 70s today and that just doesn't feel right!) and we will be getting our Christmas tree this weekend and celebrating my beautiful mom's birthday.  

|| My good friend and one of my favorite etsy artists, Jessica from the Aestate, is having a sale in her shopGet the skull please!

|| Gaby, has some very stylish Black Friday sale finds here

|| Sally and Molly from a Piece of Toast, compiled a great list of internet deals for Black Friday complete with the sale codes.  It is very comprehensive see it here.

I wish I had more links for you but I have been a bit disconnect from the blogging world these last few days.

Happy weekend!  Back to regular programming on Monday.

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  1. I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your table setting is beautiful and I am so jealous that you have olives!

  2. The table looks gorgeous and the desserts delicious!
    PS: thanks for the link love ;)

  3. Albertina nosotros por aca no celebramos ese día. Que linda decoración de la mesa y veo que lo pasaste muy bien junto a los tuyos

  4. Ooh lovely table decor! And that chocolate/meringue dessert looks amaaazing!

  5. I love it.... I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving weekend!!!

  6. Wow what a lovely table setting! Looks like a great time. 70's in California is a bit typical, I get excited for a fall day in the 60's! Oh the seasons must be swell.

  7. Is that a shell salt and pepper shaker on your table? They're super cute! Yes, I love Jessica's art! I think the skull is my favorite!


  8. Love those little turkeys. Cute and whimsical!

  9. What a wonderful time. Have a great weekend Albertina!
    xo Nancy

  10. Love the pictures- such a fun and festive table. The olive branches were genius. :)

  11. Love that you spraypainted the leaves! What a great idea!

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Holly Foxen Wells



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