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November 01, 2012

One of things I love about blogging is having the opportunity to meet wonderful people I would not have otherwise.  I can't remember how I came across Nadia's Preciously Me blog, but I instantly fell in love with it and her at the same time.  She has such a sweet voice- couple that with wonderful taste and you have yourself a great blogger.  She is my first international guest blogger, which is very exciting.  Nadia is Parisian, it doesn't get any chicer than that!  Oh and did I mention she loves shoes?? (and that she speaks perfect English, Spanish....and I'm sure Italian as well!)  

Bonjour, I’m Nadia from Preciously Me and I’m truly delighted to be here with you today! This is my first guest post as a blogger this is why I was more than honored when Albertina asked me to be a part of it! Honestly, I’m really excited and a little nervous but I’ll try to do my best to present you my favorite things.

1  |  My Favorite Object. I have many boxes. These are my little "Pandora's boxes" as I like to call them. Not because they contain all the world's ills, but just because of their mysterious side, you never know what you can find inside before opening them. I put in all my treasures, my secrets, my jewelry, they also can hide objects of daily life that we prefer to hide. Some are empty and simply serve to decorate the top of furniture. Boxes, whether in shell or carved are so pretty and decorative, they can be true works of art.
2  |  My Favorite Decorative Item.  Venetian mirrors for me are the finest mirrors. I have two and my dream is to have a very large one ... My favorite is the one in my bedroom because in the early morning sunlight reflects on its many facets and it shines in all its brilliance . For me, these mirrors are not mirrors in which you look at yourselves but mirrors that you look. They are jewels that adorn a wall. They are like a Jolie Broche on a little black dress!
My Favorite Kitchen Accessory. I like it because it is a gift from someone dear to me, I like its color, I like it because it is beautiful and I like it because it's my best friend in kitchen. I enjoy cooking, especially making pastries for my family and friends. And believe me, so far I've never made a mess of my meringue or macaroons thanks to it!
4  |  My Favorite Material.  I love fabrics and I think it goes back to my childhood. Today I can spend hours in the neighborhood "St Pierre" where one can find the widest range of fabrics in Paris. I like to touch silks, velvets and find myself in this universe with one thousand and one colors. Sometimes I spend the whole day sewing. I sew accessories like my clutches, but I also sewed most of the decorative accessories of my little home, as my curtains, my cushions. A fabric can make all the difference in an outfit or an interior.
5  |  My Favorite Fashion Accessory.  Well, I think you have guessed that I love shoes and most particularly high heels! You can see here a small sample of my "rainbow of shoes." I like shoes as a pair of heels changes the silhouette, the way you walk and the allure that may have a woman. Perhaps also unconsciously shoes refer us to Prince Charming with Cinderella's glass shoe ... Anyway the only thing men have yet to understand is that a girl can never have enough shoes . And as so nicely said Marilyn Monroe "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world."
I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my Precious world! And a huge thank you to Albertina for hosting me!
A bientôt !
Thanks Nadia for sharing your faves with us today.  I love your shoe collection and beautiful etagere.  Visit Nadia here- you will love her blog.  It is filled with wonderful inspiration.


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  1. Tres bien! I love a girl with a shoe addiction and a pink mixer would make anyone wanna bake a cake, or two. Great to meet you Nadia.

  2. How purdy! She is darling. Love her shoe collection! Ayyyy!

  3. Albertina, thank you SO MUCH for the invitation on your beautiful blog!!!
    And I'm so honored to be your first international guest blogger :)
    It is a real pleasure for me to share ones my favorite things with you and your readers!
    XO, Nadia

  4. Wow what an amazing way to show off shoes! Thanks for the introduction!

  5. I adicción shoes. Happy weekend

  6. I think we should do a field trip to Paris ... just saying... followup blog post?!!! Love this, she looks like such fun, thanks for the introduction!

  7. OMG this post is so cute!! Nadia is darling and I am dying over all those gorgeous shoes!!!! I am obsessed with Venetian mirrors too!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

    The Now Style Book

  8. Nadia is so adorable! I love all her favorite things! Très chic!

  9. I Love her shoes! I will send you the brazalett with G.


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