Torero Photography Please

December 05, 2012

Powerful, dramatic, colorful....How much personality do they infuse in a room? A LOT!! The drama comes from the poses for sure, the color from their beautiful embroidered outfits, and the power from the act of fighting the bull.  But really all this is magnified by the size of the prints.  They work so well in this supersized format. I have no idea who the photographers are of these pieces, but I will investigate.  (I think the second image may not be a photo but an actual torero suit...but the drama effect is what I'm after...and that purple!!)

The rest of the apartment of the first image is amazing see more of it here.

Last summer I caught this shot of a street performer dressed up as a torero in front of the Royal Palace in Madrid.  Even though this suit is a "cheapie" you can still see all the handwork involved.  Imagine what a real suit would look like.

I bet you that the next big subject in photography after beaches seen from a bird's eye view or Marfa's Prada store (don't get me wrong I love these too) will be bullfighters!  Ha!  Not a bad a idea.....there is so much character there to be explored.

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Happy Hump day!!

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  1. Albertina
    Que departamento más bello.. Adore esas zebras por todos lados!!!

  2. I need that hot pink chair in that powder room.

  3. What a colourful post! I love those rich purple chairs. I have just nominated your lovely blog for an award! You’ll find the details on my blog at the end of today’s cupcakes post.

  4. What beautiful pieces! I also love those chairs. Great inspiration:)

  5. Did you see last night's episode of Million Dollar Decorators? MLB just changed that 3rd room into a "neutral" room. He replaced the bullfighters on either side of the door with mirrors!

  6. Yes, the last photo is part of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's living room.

    BTW, did you ever consider this?

  7. That first room is one of my faves! Ah, my heart skips a beat.

  8. These rooms are high voltage for sure. Love the way the fuchsia chairs and bullfighter suit work together in that second photo.

  9. These rooms are so powerful! The images are fabulous!!!

    Holly Foxen Wells
    Awesome iPhone Case by MargauxBonnie Giveaway Happening Now!

  10. Love the bull fighter art! I recently bough two large Spanish portraits at an antique store similar to the 4th picture. Can't wait to hang them up in my bedroom!


  11. Okay I am dying over that first image. Simply incredible.

  12. Stunning images and I love the flair!


  13. Wow! I love the powder room with the zebra rug, the teal ceramic stool and those gorgeous magenta velvet chairs ♥

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Una casa preciosa, llena de personalidad!!Me gusta lo que veo por tu blog!
      Un saludo


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