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January 22, 2013

When we visit friend's homes its usually for a party, a dinner, a function, to, pick-up or drop-off.  We get a general sense of the space, whether we like it or not but if you stop and think back there are many details you can't recall about it.  Why did I like her home so much?  It's really when you have it in your head to really analyze a space that you can understand why you like it or dislike it in some cases.  Same thing happens when I look at interior decor magazines.  I may love a room immediately, but is usually after some analysis that I realize why I like it (maybe its because of the color palette chosen, or because of the combination of textures.....).  In this post I will try and identify different sources of inspiration that caught my attention and that I would like to file away as a lesson learned for any future decorating or designing projects....if anything to make my own home more beautiful.

First off, I have here the home of a dear sweet friend who has fabulous taste.  Her home is perfection- modern with a very clean look and with so many ideas we can all learn from.

1 ||  Zebra Rugs are cool too.  Absolutely love the design element the zebra's stripes bring to this neutral color.  It is a nice surprising element here that brings this seating arrangement together so nicely.

2||  Chandeliers do not have to be in the center of a room.  The chandelier in this case serves as the cherry on top of this beautiful seating arrangement.  It works so nicely because it is in this corner of the room marking its territory.  It makes for a cozy spot.

3 || Hang things off center.  I love doing this, especially on top of a fireplace.  Not only does it add drama but really makes a statement brings interest to the rest of the white wall.

4 || A fireplace does not have logs in it.  I love that she used candles to decorate her fireplace.  The look is sleeker and cleaner than if she had the logs.

5 ||  Guests like high seating arrangements.  These friends are party people.  They love having friends over.  So they added this high top table near the bar area. This understated fun area is always in high demand.  You can imagine the conversations that happen here after some glasses of wine.

6 ||  You don't need to splurge on a huge frame to make a statement.  This is one of my absolute favorite inspirations I gathered from this home.  This painting is an antique and my friend wanted to give it more importance, so her framer suggested to just add a piece of wood in the back so it could have a larger impact.  It looks spectacular in person and is not an expensive fix.

7 || Add an acrylic base to most anything to convert into art.  These are pieces from the Mexican dessert that they found and just by adding an acrylic base they transformed them into legit art.  So beautiful.

8 || Chose a theme.  Choosing a theme for a space can help give you direction when it comes to decorating.  Here they have chosen "hands" as their theme.  What an adorable powder bathroom to come in and have all these hands welcoming you.  I love the soap holder!

9 ||  Reclaimed wood is natural art.  There is something so beautiful and soulful about a piece of reclaimed wood.  Their long dining table is filled with personality in its every nook and cranny and provides so much warmth to the space.

10 || Mirrors can re-energize any dark space.  These mirrors add so much excitement to a dark and uneventful hallway that leads to the laundry room.

What do you think?  Good lessons learned?  I'm hoping to make this a series where I highlight different ideas in people's homes so we can all gather further inspiration.  Does it have potential?

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!

[all photos by me]

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  1. This home is just gorgeous! That reclaimed wood table is just amazing and I love the addition of the zebra rug since everything else is pared down. And such fabulous artwork, those mounted coral pieces are beautiful too:)

  2. What a gorgeous home. I am inspired as well. I love the 'hands"- very unique and sculptural. Everything is simple, understated and she lets the room, or furnishings speak for themselves, and doesn't have to add alot of "stuff" to amp up the affect! LOVELY.
    xo Nancy

  3. This is a gorgeous home! Love the zebra rug and I love that dinning table! Beautiful details ;)

  4. I've actually just begun doing what you have Albertina by analyzing and writing down what exactly it is about a room that I like for future reference! It seems your friend has amazing style. I love the idea of adding acrylic bases to pieces to transform them into art! I will be trying this :)

  5. Beautiful house. Your observations really do serve as amazing tips. I am totally on board with the acrylic. xo

  6. Whoa. You're not jokin. Love so many of the unique elements in this space! I attended a bridal shower over the weekend and I wish I'd snapped shots of the house (and stolen all of the gorgeous Persian rugs....) for this very reason.

  7. You have some stylish friends. The home is lovely!

  8. Beautiful with many great details!
    And as you I love zebra rugs ♥
    I wish all my friends have such a stylish home!

  9. I totally agree! Chandeliers do not have to be at the center of a room. The same goes for paintings on top of a mantel. I love every detail in this house! The dinning room table is phenomenal! Thank you for bringing new ideas everyday!

  10. beautiful and love your blog...just became a follower today!

  11. Albertina tu tienes muchos gusto. La casa es muy bella y tiene elementos unicos como esa mesa de madera , la zebra, esas manillas que sostienen el jabón y la toalla !!geniales!

  12. I hope one day to have a zebra rug because they always do SO MUCH for a room! Adore the mirrors in the last photo as well!

  13. definitely great lessons to be learned here! Thanks for sharing :) I am drooling over the wood table. What a fab home :)

    Xx. Holly.

  14. Gorgeous home....and one of the many lessons here is her accessories were well chosen....not just something to fill the space. Great post!

  15. Great post and wonderful examples of how important DETAILS are to a home. I did a post today on DETAILS too!! If you would like to read my post you can go here....

  16. I have been dying for a dining room table like that!


  17. So much inspiration here! Adding an acrylic base to something natural is such a wonderful idea. It makes these items look so sophisticated. Although pretty subtle, I'm also drooling over those drapes in the first photo. (Maybe because the ceilings are so high up haha?)

    Love this, can't wait to see more!


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