DIY || Valentine's Day T-Shirt

February 08, 2013

Happy Friday!  I can't believe Valentine's Day is next week.  Where does time go?  I feel like it was 2012 just a few days ago.  In fact, I'm still writing 2012 by mistake on checks...yikes!  

Well, we have gone a bit DIY t-shirt happy over here.  It all started with little Miss A. drawing a picture of two cats and saying she wanted that drawing to be on a t-shirt for her daddy for Valentine's.  So, off I went to get t-shirt transfer paper.  The final product is adorable.  I think daddy will be very proud to wear his cat t-shirt with hearts for cheeks to the gym. ha!  Out of that was born this t-shirt project.  You can easily design your own.  This is a very easy project but its BIG on immediate satisfaction, especially for kiddos.  This is also a very practical can do your own party favor t-shirts for your child's birthday party or make cute gifts for friends. The possibilities are endless.

Here are the steps:

1 || First draw something on actual paper and scan it in to your computer or design something on your computer like I did above.

2  ||  Flip the image you have so it becomes a mirror image.  (In Photoshop you would go to Image/ image rotation/ flip canvas horizontal). 

3  ||  Then print your flipped image onto t-shirt transfer paper.  (I used this brand and found it worked very well).  Make sure you read the instructions on the paper so you print on the correct side.

4  ||  Place the printed paper image side down on the t-shirt and iron on with a very hot iron.

5  || Voila!  You are done! Enjoy!  And here is the t-shirt in action:

Wondering where I got the lips from?  Let me start off by saying how much I LOVE and want this sweater.  Since its so expensive....the next big idea was to DIY it.  I found this lip brush download.  Thank you Creature Comforts for the great freebie.  So I will try it for myself - enlarge the lips make them red and iron them onto a white t-shirt or even a sweatshirt.  How cool would that be?  And maybe sew in some sequins!  Writing about it here on the blog kind of makes me accountable to actually do it.  So, I will and report back!  Anyone else want to try with me? Let's do it!  Email me if you plan on it.

And if you are wondering about the photo competition I mentioned in yesterday's post here are the details. So there were 70 works of art- from photography, to paintings, to sculpture.  There were 5 finalists and 1 winner.  I didn't make it into any of these categories....BUT I was chosen to be in hte University's permanent collection (they chose 5 works).  Which means they really liked it and they get to put up in their campus somewhere all dolled-up and framed and they even pay me for it. Amazing!  Who would have thought.  I'm thrilled.

Kisses!  Rest well this weekend and see you back on Monday.


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  1. First let me say that the t-shirt is just darling as is little miss A modeling it in these pictures! Congrats on the photo recognition Albertina! That's some cool stuff right there. When I was little, my father used to enter local photography competitions and I remember what a big deal it was when one of his photos was recognized by the local paper or fair. We were so proud of him! Seeing him put his talents out there encouraged me to pick up similar hobbies straight into adulthood. No doubt little miss A is learning from you as well.

  2. That shirt is so cute and Albertina your daughter is just goregous! I love the lipstick lip touch - I'll have to go over and get that brush. Your photography yesterday on the Now Stylebook was great, wished that you lived in New York and you could take my photos!

    Regarding the lemon tree - I got it over a year ago as a birthday gift from my boyfriend - most people want jewelry I wanted a lemon tree:) The tree is outside during the summer and I find that it is just existing inside during the winter months even though it gets southern exposure. You have to water it often , but besides that it is pretty easy. When the citrus flowers bloom they smell fantastic. It you can plant it outside I think it is best. I am thinking about getting a fig tree to put inside as I hear those do much better. Have a great weekend!

  3. Aww lady, you've become a star right before our eyes! Major kudos on having that photo framed and hung at the university, and for getting paid! No easy feat for the arts. Little Miss A. is too adorable. One day one of my clones will attempt all these amazing DIY projects you suggest. Cheers to the weekend and to having a freaking Mimosa or two!

  4. That tee is so cute! It turned out amazing, I was wondering how the hell did she do that?! Congrats on making it to the top 5 :)

  5. Ok that turned out so cute! I kind of feel like I need to make the lips one too! I'm in!

  6. It turned out so cute! Congrats on your photography being chosen! That is amazing!


  7. What a great idea!! You're inspiring me to do more project with my kids. Little Miss A. is just precious!

  8. Haha that is so cute that she wanted to make her daddy a shirt with her cats drawing on it! I love that. And that little t-shirt turned out so fun - those colors are perfect. And I can't believe how easy it is, either! The possibilities are truly endless..

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  9. The diy turned out great- so cute! Congrats on the honor for your photograph- I love it! It is no wonder they want to frame it and hang it up for more to enjoy.

  10. This is so fun & absolutely adorable!!! Love, love, love this...& how easy, too! I will totally be making myself a new tee very soon :) XO Brynn

  11. Nice job! And congrats on your photo!

    I LOVE the idea of the lips sweatshirt ... looking forward to it ;)



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