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April 17, 2013

I'm so excited to bring you some inspiration from my friend's parents' home.  This is my third post in the new series I began called "Inspiration gathered and noted" (see first home tour here and second tour here).  This series, is basically a home tour where I will try and identify different sources of inspiration that have caught my attention and that I would like to file away as lessons learned for any future decorating or designing projects.  I hope they will be inspirational to you as well.

This home is was designed and decorated by Ana Seyffert from the Spun Group who is jaw-droppingly talented and has a very confident and unique style.  And for any Dallas Peeps reading this you will have the opportunity to come visit this home during the Dallas Modern Homes Tour in May (don't worry I will keep you posted!).  A quick side note before you go on reading- Proceed at your own caution you may want to move in asap!

1 ||  Reclaimed wood is sexy.  I'm seeing it more and more.  I love how it adds texture and warmth to a room.  Its imperfections are so beautiful and its organic lines bring a nice contrast to the sleekness of the modern dining chairs.

2||  Many small accent tables are perfect for a large couch. What a great idea for those large couches where not everyone has the coffee table easily accessible.  Here everyone has a place to put their drink down. It is the perfect solution!

3 ||  Adding a pop of color is easy.  You can do it with a pillow, artwork and accents.  Pick a color and stick to it.

4 ||  Maximize counter space.  Counter space can be maximized with more than one island.  Here you can have several people engaged in different activities in the same place.  Plus, more islands means more storage.

5 ||  Again with the pops of color. In the library all the yellow items adds interest and provide a place for the eyes to rest from the busyness of the books.

6 || Don't forget about the kids.  Kids internalize what is around them to little by little develop their own aesthetics and artistic sensibilities.  Help them out by surrounding them with beautiful things.  (These mini panton chairs are sweet!).

7 || Don't forget about Murphy beds. Murphy beds are making a comeback as they really help in making your space more efficient.  This room doubles as playroom and a guest room.  Please note the gorgeous custom made storage pieces styled after old traveling trunks. GENIUS!

8 || Its all about presentation.  You can turn any little doodle into magnificent art.  Find a novel and exciting way to frame/display something and by adding several pieces you have yourself an impactful arrangement.

9 || Zebra rugs are the bees knees.  Oh yes! They love bathrooms too, especially if they have beautiful chandeliers to accompany them.  Zebra rugs can easily add glamor to your bathroom.

10 ||  Greenery is the best accessory.  Plants add life, freshness, and natural beauty to your home.  And now with the proliferation of succulents that are so easy to care for you really have no excuses.

11 ||  Add a touch of whimsy.  You, your family, and your guests will appreciate it.  Decorating should not be taken too seriously.  (Loving these towel hooks.)

12 || Make your outside equally as provocative.  This will make you urge you to make the time to spend outside.  If your backyard is as pretty as this, I bet you will be working harder and smarter at your office so you can come home early to relax here.  'Build it and they will come'

So there you have it, 12 lessons learned from a this beautiful home.  I hope you gathered and noted some new inspiration ideas.  Which are your favorites?

[ all photos by me for ML except for the second to last which was taken via Spun Group]

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  1. Albertina, so much to LOVE in these photos! The statement lighting, the chairs with turquoise accents, ahhh!!! LOVE it. The art- I pinned away. Thanks for sharing such inspiration.
    xo Nancy

  2. I can't even start to comment on everything I love! That fabric on the chair is awesome!! I just came across some wallpaper that looked just like that! Love all the glam mixed with the reclaimed pieces! I could look at this all twice and miss something I liked every time!! Thanks for sharing

    House envy

  3. Stunning- the dining room table & light fixture are my favorites!

    always, koru kate

  4. I love how bright and airy this house is! That dining room table is insane and I love all the art. Such a good tour!

  5. Thanks for all these wonderful tips and sharing this amazingly beautiful house!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. WOW! Am I correct in that they have TWO fabulous outdoor areas? I love the huge sofa with several mini tables. I also love the chairs that were in the first pic with the turquoise pillows. I posted today about some cow hyde louis chairs that I designed and here I thought I was so original. Ha! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just stunning! The chandelier in the first picture and the one over the tub are out of this world...I could see myself getting cozy in this abode!

  8. WOW. so gorgeous! Please do keep us Dallas people informed on the house tour! I don't want to miss it!

  9. That children's space really stood out to me. The storage is so inventive and "mini" anything is just plain adorable!

  10. what a fab home~~~ love it!! thanks for sharing it with us, I feel like I just took a fantastic little virtual vacation!

  11. Wow, beautiful home and great lessons!
    My fave is this stunning wooden table, I love it!!!
    It's true that it adds texture and warmth to the room ... amazing!

  12. Albertina que casa más bella,, me encantaron las lámparas modernas y elegantes en combinación con esa madera d tosca de la mesa del comedor...

  13. The dinning is stunning! And that bathroom is so sexy!

  14. Stunning! I love the unique touches like the orange walls - a home I would love to live in!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  15. I love that patio with the grass growing through. I have always wanted to do that in my yard.

  16. I LOVE those metallic cowhide chairs. So inspiring! xx

  17. Loved your lessons! You should write a book! This is the house of my dreams!

  18. That bubble fixture over the dinning room table is simply stunning–wow!

  19. I agree with all the comments above on how fabulous that chair is! Holy moly! So rustic chic =) I am so happy to have stumbled upon your cute blog- it's so cheery. I write a blog called Bluebonnets for Sal that I'd love to have you swing by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx Sal

  20. I agree with all the comments above on how fabulous that chair is! Holy moly! So rustic chic =) I am so happy to have stumbled upon your cute blog- it's so cheery. I write a blog called Bluebonnets for Sal that I'd love to have you swing by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx Sal


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