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May 24, 2013

Happy Friday!  I can't believe its Memorial Day weekend!  This year is just breezing by.  I hope you have some fun plans in the works that involve grilling, sitting by the pool, and eating tons of ice cream.  This week one of my cousins graduates so we have some family events this weekend- so celebrations (hence the balloons) are on my mind.Secondly, I have been dreaming about these earrings ever since I saw them.  How fun are they?!  So summery and colorful, perfect to wear with a simple white tee or white dress.  They are from Biscuit Home- a fabulous online store with some of the cutest bedding around and, accessories (obviously!) and decor for the home.

I love finding unique sunglasses.  A while ago I blogged about these fun ones here and I feel like these have similar frames.  I think they have the power to increase your status from cool  to cooler.

And last but never least....peonies!!  They are in every market, in every corner here in NYC.  For me its magical seeing something so beautiful.  When I get back home I'm going to buy a few to enjoy in my office.

If you haven't entered the Lulu and Georgia giveaway make sure you do so here.

Happy Weekending!! Be safe and enjoy!

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  1. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend Albertina! And peonies are on my mind too, going to the Union Square market today to pick up another bunch:)

  2. Peony season is my favorite time of year! Ahhh prettiest flowers ever.

  3. Fresh peonies are my favorite house accessory! Have a great weekend!

  4. Love having fresh peonies around–there are some in my bedroom right now!

  5. Pool and ice cream sounds amazing. Pool and margarita sounds better...but I still have a little ways to go before that! Sigh... Happy long weekend, Albertina!

  6. I love peonies. They are simply my favorite. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  7. Peonies are so so beautiful! Happy weekend, hope you're enjoying your NYC vacation to the max!

  8. Pink Peonies make me happier than most things in the world. I think it goes Friends/family, animals, pink peonies. haha! Hope you are having fun in NYC! I love all your insta pics. We must get together when you get back. Happy weekend, love! xo

  9. Peonies are my favorite flowers - hopefully I can find them when I am out shopping today.

    Have a wonderful time in NYC - e-mail me if you want any suggestions of where to go. xoxo

  10. Peonies in NYC...sounds magical! Love those earrings! Enjoy the long weekend!

    XO Lily

  11. Have a very happy MDW, Albertina! Love the first balloon image - just looking at it makes me happy.

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  12. Hope that you have such an amazing long weekend...how could you not is NYC!!! Those peonies are gorgeous... can't wait to pick up some fresh ones this weekend! XO Brynn

  13. I love peonies!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear!

  14. I tried on a million sunnies today and walked out with none. I think I overwhelmed my senses. There are so many good ones right now!

  15. Albertina, paso por aca amiga mía para contarte de que me ausentare ya que haré un viaje
    cariños y hasta pronto

  16. those earrings are amazing! such a cute find :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style


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