Covering Up || Surf and Swim

January 20, 2014

I am completely getting ahead of myself with this post considering its January but I just adored this amazing surf and swim collection by Cynthia Rowley. Talk about some chic and sporty beach wear!  I would take up surfing just to be able to gallivant in the beach wearing one of these. The colors, the patterns- Oy!

Even though they don't show much skin there is something sexy about these.  We coincidentally just booked our Spring Break tickets to somewhere warm and sunny today.  Hmmmm.......See her entire collection here.

Happy Martin Luther King Day. I leave you with this favorite MLK Jr. quote which is such an inspiration- 
"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

[all images via Cynthia Rowley]

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  1. Those prints! I love how Cynthia Rowley has incorporated this material into her ready to wear collection too. Now you have me dreaming of summer or a tropical vacay:)

  2. I spent hours this weekend looking at and pinning swimsuits. No idea why in January but it was fun! You could totally pull off one of these!

  3. These are gorgeous! I love the patterns & colors! The first one is my favorite!

  4. Ooh loving the colors and geometric patterns incorporated here. Such great picks, Albertina!

  5. Son tenidas deportivas? Yo uso uñas bien parecidas para hacer soy .., lindos diseños ., el triangular me encantó

  6. Love!! The pastel Pucci-esque one is my favorite!

    The Glam Pad

  7. Obsessed!!! I want to move back to Cali, take up surfing just so I can wear one of these!!!! xoxo

  8. wow! these are really pretty! I would def take a surfing lesson in one of these!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  9. Wow, I love those stylish beach wear :) I didn't know that you could wear so sexy things to surf!!!

  10. These are some of the coolest wet suits I've ever seen!!!

  11. so cute! Oh - if they only came with a long skirt attached!! :)


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