Slip-on Sneakers

August 08, 2014

Never say never, right?  I remember reading about these slip-on sneakers in January of 2013 over at The Now Stylebook and thinking - "goodness I would never wear those". Flashforward a year and I am crazy in love with my slip-on sneakers.  They are so comfortable and easy I have not taken them off all summer.  They were my go-to shoes for our trip to Paris where I wanted to have very pampered and comfortable feet yet look chic and put together.  And they sure did the trick as I felt very stylish. Now, I'm thinking I need a second pair for the fall.

Here are some excellent slip-on sneaker options.  Even high-end designers like Prada and Lanvin have their version of these sneakers ( like these Saint Laurent ones- TDF!) 

What are some trends you thought you would never partake in and now are totally obsessed with?  Or am I the only fickle soul (or should I say sole!) here?

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  1. Lovely outfit, like very much these shoes with leaves on them :) Looks so fresh.
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  2. Still pondering this trend. They look so easy on comfy but idk if I can pull it off!

  3. I love slip-ons! Or maybe it's just my return to my high school days...I think the whole overall come back has me in a bit of a fickle :-/ Not sure how I feel about that??

  4. Love the textured versions, I like them but I have been sticking with my trusty converse shoes :)

  5. Hola amiga querida ! Me encantan esas alpargatas !! Especialmente las coloridas de la última foto

  6. I love them. I don't have any, but that needs to change ASAP. I'm send my daughter a link to your post. I've been trying to talk her into these, and she won't listen to me. She will sit up and take notice, though, that the tres chic Albertina recommends them : )

  7. I totally agree with you! Last year I would have never thought of wearing them because I did wear them in high school but now I feel that they're very chic and comfy for trips, long walks, airports etc...


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