The Impromptu Bar with Austin Cocktails

September 25, 2014

I love entertaining and having people over.  A few days before a I host a dinner I start compiling all the things I need.  The to-dos can get lengthy...from finding the right ingredients, that special bread, the perfect spirits with their appropriate mixers, the good wine, to finding that special French cheese.  Ooooh and the flowers, of course.  And this doesn't even include, the deep cleaning, setting the table....  So sometimes it's nice to be able to welcome friends last-minute for a nice evening. No fuzz, no mixers, no fancy Hors d'oeuvres.  Enter Austin Cocktails.  These are pre-mixed cocktails with the yummiest of flavors from Vodkarita (Vodka + Natural Lime + Natural Orange + Organic Agave Nectar), Paradise Found ( Vodka + Natural Coconut Water + Stone and Citrus Fruits + Basil + Organic Agave Nectar), Tea Twister (Vodka + Real Tea + Natural Lemon + Organic Agave Nectar), to Cucumber Vodka Mojito (Vodka + Natural Cucumber + Natural Mint + Natural Lime + Organic Agave Nectar). They are like a party in a bottle.  With these to serve to your guests you don't need much else to entertain your friends. 

Here is what my impromptu bar looks like. All four Austin Cocktail flavors alongside some lemons and some herbs from the garden.  What a perfect solution for that impromptu gathering and they are even low calorie! This is the cherry on top. And wait, they use the best ingredients too. They use six times distilled vodka, purified water and premium grains, natural herbs like mint and basil, and fresh fruit juices. the splash of organic agave is what makes this magic elixir low calorie. genius!

Are you intrigued yet?  From now on, I will plan on always having a few bottles of these in my bar for whenever an impromptu gathering occurs.  Don't get me wrong, wine is always a good idea, but sometimes cocktails just get the party started quicker. Would you agree? Impromptu parties are always the best kind of parties anyway. Aren't they?

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for those last minute get-togethers?

 You can find out where to buy them here. Oh and the prints are from The Aestate (obvi!).

[Austin Cocktail bottles c/o. All photos by AC]

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  1. They all sound so tasty and refreshing! Would love to try the cucumber mojito!

  2. Yes very intrigued! I am also smitten with your art and bar styling!

  3. Those sound amazing! Love how you styled your prints :) xxJ

  4. So pretty! I would have loved to stop by:)

  5. You know those are right up my alley! They all sound fab!!

  6. oh my - sounds delish! those background prints are amazing too!

  7. These look like MY kind of drinks!! I wish they sold them in Connecticut! :)

  8. These sound so yummy. I have to give it a try. I love how you styled your cart with Jessica's gorgeous prints.

  9. I am very intrigued by these! I will definitely try them! The Paradise Found sounds wonderful! Love your leaf prints!!


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