Fifteen Favorite Things

September 22, 2014

Sue from The Zhush tagged me me to share my favorite fifteen items with you (you can see Sue's favorite things here). Here I am sharing things I adore and probably even use regularly. If you are looking to try something new or get ideas for gifts here is my list-

 1 || Life Planner.  Let's just call it an agenda. I have blogged about this planner before.  It is wonderful, my daily lifesaver and keeps my days straight.  I have turned a few of my friends into fans as well.  The fun part- you can get the cover personalized.  I just can't give up paper!

2 || Anniel ballerina Flats.  My uniform, practically. Comfortable and they go with everything.

3 || McQueen Clutch.  It matches everything and has the coolest shape ever.  Also, the price is quite reasonable.

4 || Cerave lotion.  I use this everyday after I shower.  My skin loves it.

5 || Vince Slip-on sneakers.  Ok, I have blogged about them before. You know I'm a HUGE fan.  I don't take mine off.

6 || Essie Polish.  This is the best color ever for fall.

7 || Bulgari Eau du The Vert.  Sunshine and freshness in a bottle. 

8 || Yves Saint Laurent eye concealer.  A miracle worker. My very knowledgeable friends recommended this to me and boy am I indebted.

9 || Mignonne Gavigan necklace.  I have also blogged about it before.  #obsessed.  I wish I could sleep with it.  And everyone who sees it in person wishes so too.

10 || Gold acrylic stapler. Uhm, it just makes my desk so pretty. I want to staple everything together.

11 || Warby Parker frames.  My friends love it when I don't wear contacts because they get to see me in these and they all love them.  They just elevate my cool factor when I wear  them. My mom got them as well. #twinsies

12 || Veronica Beard layered blazer.  I have also blogged about her designs and home here.  The faux layered look is what fall is all about. I have the cable knit sweater dickie with a gray blazer. Seriously, to die for  #TDF #layerheaven

13 || Price and Prejudice.  I could read it every year. Mr. Darcy just melts me every time.  I read the dialogues over and over again.

 14 || Gurkha weekender.  So elegant and practical.  Arrive in style with this bag anywhere.

 15 || Tata Harper resurfacing mask.  I have blogged about it before.  I'm a huge fan and friend. This mask in particular is my favorite product. We all call it the party mask....wear it before a big event and your skin will shine bright.

That is it!  You all know me better now, right?  I'm dying to know The Design Daredevil's favorite fifteen things and The Pink Pagoda's as well. These two ladies have fabulous styles and I would love to know what their top 15 are.

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  1. that duffel bag is absolutely STUNNING! not sure if i've told you before, but you have such fabulous style albertina :) hope you have a wonderful monday!

  2. Love this list and everything you featured from the glasses to the stapler:)

  3. I love that life planner!!! Great finds :)

  4. I love your style, girl! Everything here is gorgeous.

  5. of course I LOVE your list...#nosurprisethere!

  6. Can you please shop for me! You always select such fabulous items!

  7. Great list! A stylish selection which you have presented so well too! The Bulgari fragrance is so fresh and summery - a favourite of mine too.

  8. So many of these things I want to try! GREAT list!!


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