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October 21, 2014

My good friend Nicole from Sketch42 has been my blog hero (evidenced here and a few other posts!) ever since I first started reading blogs.  I became obsessed with her art and today own three of her pieces which I just adore.  She has one of the most unique voices in blogland and her creativity is one of the qualities I most admire in her. She works so hard in her art of creating and is constantly evolving. Her latest project is  brilliant.  She has published a book of her summer photography series #absurdist summer focused on random things, color and shape. But let me tell you what is really brilliant about this book-

The book is a tear-out book (this is the brilliant part) with 30 pages, single sided, so you never have to choose between two images. They are all perforated. Each print is 9″ x 12 so you can frame your favorite pieces for your walls and then keep the rest for your coffee table book.  The cover is beautiful so it will play nicely with your coffee table decor. 

See? There are only 200 books, each signed and numbered. Get yours today before they run out here. And for her beautiful photography go here.

[all photos by Nicole Cohen]

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  1. what a fantastic's beautiful!
    congratulations to nicole, what an amazing accomplishment.

  2. So cool congratulations! Cannot wait to see it :)

  3. That's awesome! Congrats to your friend!!

  4. Thanks so much for posting ;) So appreciate all the support! Cant wait to see u again!

  5. I LOVE Nicole's blog and work. I own one of her prints and plan on buying more. I agree - her blog voice is unique which is why she is one of my must reads.


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