Art || the Gift that Keeps on Giving

December 08, 2014

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There is nothing more rewarding than finding that perfect present for those close to us, especially if its a gift that will withstand the test of time, like art. Art is the gift that keeps on giving.  It will be treasured always and maybe even get passed down to future generations.  A piece doesn't have to be expensive for it to become an heirloom. There are so many accessible artists painting beautiful pieces at really affordable prices nowdays. 

Here are some artists I would like to highlight.... You might recognize a few from past posts (I'm loyal that way). Parima Studio - Patricia's art is vibrant and colorful.  Katie Craig- I have one of her pieces and just love it.  Her color combinations are genius. The Pink Pagoda- you may remember the beautiful nude by Reagan Geschardt I own.  I can't accurately describe to you how seeing her piece everyday makes me feel.  But it definitely soothes my soul. I need to prepare a post to convince you all that everyone needs to own a nude.  Serena and Lily's art selection is also aaaahhhhmazingly curated. I pretty much love every.single.piece. Britt Bass also has a fun collection of colorful work.  Kerry Steele - I love how dynamic her work is and her color combinations are flawless.

I realize giving art is difficult because its so personal....but gifts don't have to be a surprise. Gifts can be part of an open conversation. My husband and I have had some fun times looking at art together and narrowing down our final decisions.  In these cases gift giving for us became a project we were both excited about.  Would you ever give the gift of art?

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  1. I think art is a wonderful gift! Agreed that it can be hard, but in the past when I get it I tell my husband a couple different options and then he picks the one he likes too, so it is still a bit of surprise! Love all the abstract! I have been wanting to add one to my house for a while!

  2. Love this art post. I need an art "fix"now! Happy Holidays to you! xo Nancy

  3. I love the idea of giving art! These are just wonderful pieces that I would also love to receive myself:)

  4. I love this, Albertina! I would definitely give art to someone I know well enough to understand what they'd like. And having a conversation about it is a great idea, too. Of everything in my house, art is the most impactful and enjoyed.

  5. So true! I'm drawn to #1 and #4. Great post...
    Happy Holidays,

  6. I love the idea of giving and receiving art as gifts. Beautiful made me want to give myself some art for Christmas!

  7. I never thought of this, but what a lovely gift idea!

  8. "Gifts can be part of an open conversation." I couldn't agree with you more! Especially when it pertain to spouses. I think the best gifts that we've given each other as a couple have come from that open conversation. In fact, we don't do surprise gift giving any more...surprises for other things, but gifts we talk about and plan.

  9. Yes, I love the idea of art as gifts! I would be so happy to receive it. :)


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