Artist Spotlight || Lekha Singh

December 10, 2014

I want to introduce you to an amazing artist today, Lekha Singh.  Lekha is a remarkable artist that knows no bounds.  She is not only a photographer but also a film director and producer. Her latest work is a documentary called Beyond Right and Wrong, a story of justice and forgiveness that sees humanity in its purest form. But photography has always been Lekha's great love. If you are from Dallas, you might recognize her work currently hanging in Highland Park Village's chic Number One.

This series called "Weeds" is very poetic as she captures ordinary bits of nature and its fleeting essence graciously by extrapolating its real beauty. She makes the ordinary seem extraordinary. As a photographer and artist Lekha aims to "To take pictures that express the commonality of human experience by finding startling and impossible beauty in poor, little known places of destitution and desolation. To bring marginalized people, cultures and places to people’s consciousness in a way that expresses a part of the narrative of their lives.  To be a witness to their condition and to acknowledge them as valuable.  To invite the viewer to participate in the witnessing, by viewing the picture. To explore things that are temporary, in transition, or imperfect. " She finds beauty where most don't and invites us to revere it as we should.  Here are some of her new pieces-

I saw these printed on metal and very large format. They are so stunning in person. I asked Lekha a few questions so we could all get to know her better-

And then I asked her to complete these ideas.  I loved her answers-

The artists that I count on as my friends are very sensitive to all forms of beauty present in our daily lives so it was no surprise when I walked into Lekha's home to find it was an exquisite work of art.  Her home is full of color and patterns juxtaposed in the most interesting of ways.  I asked permission to snap a few photos to share with you.  Mind you, I was not planning on taking photos of her home so I did not bring lighting or anything. They are totally impromptu.  I just really wanted to capture the wild color combinations and her creativity evidenced in every corner of her home.

I died when I saw this hallway. The light flooding in was glorious.  And the lanterns and their scale are fabulous.  And that sweet pup just makes the photo.

Her beautiful library.

This is one of her pieces from a previous series she did on doors.  She made this photograph into an installation by adding steps leading up to it. And painting the wall red is genius. 

Here is the guest bedroom.  She used a sari to upholster the headboard.  The dance of colors in here is magical.

 Some of her pieces hanging around her home.

Are you intrigued?  Did you fall in love with Lekha like I did?  Visit her website here. And if you are interested in her photographs you can also contact Alfonso Montiel directly (214.243.7041-

[ Photos 1-6 via Lekha Singh and the rest are by AC]

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  1. Her photos are beautiful and her home is amazing!

  2. Such beautiful photography and her home is beautiful! I have always loved 'weeds' to, I love how they grow wild and free.

  3. Una casa muy linda con una fotografía impecable


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