Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

January 29, 2015

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Valentine's Day is so much fun.  My favorite part (aside from all the chocolate) is looking through all the cute cards and choosing the perfect ones for my loved ones.  We don't really exchange gifts on this date but there are so many cute things out there that I thought I would make a pretty little board for you.  Here it is-

1 |  earrings.  I thought these were fun and different.  The pink stones really make these stand out.  Mad Jewels has a great collection of hand made jewelry.  See more here.

2 |  heart mug.  I love the message this contains "Get in here". Hugs all around.  The perfect way to have your coffee or tea in the mornings.

3 |  trinket dish. Little secrets.  This is such a cute little dish perfect for holding your jewels at the end of the day or for just sitting pretty in your vanity.

4 | eyeball box. This quirky eyeball box is a conversation starter for sure.  It comes in different colors too.  Who doesn't want an eyeball box anyway?

5 | heart water bottle.  These are all the rage lately.  They come in different color combinations. They are made of glass which is good news for the planet.  Perfect for working out or carrying around in your car.

6 | Absolutely Beautiful Things book.  Dying to see this book in person. Anna Spiro, the Australian designer and master of mixing patterns and colors, is the mastermind behind this treasure of a book.

7 | Love pillow.  In my book this is the perfect needlepoint pillow.  It would be so cute to decorate a bed.

8 |  black and white trinket tray.  You can never have too many catchalls.

9 |  hand painted chinoiserie tray.  Yes, please!! isn't this tray gorgeous!  I can think of a million ways to style this one.

10 | my other bag cloth tote.   So now that we are all carrying recyclable totes around for our supermarket runs and trying to use less and less plastic bags (Dallas has banned all plastic bags for all stores!!) these would be a hoot to pull out.  This is such a practical and fun gift.  See the entire collection here. They have Alexandre McQueen, Louis Vuitton and other famous bags look a-likes.

11 | Koons look alike bookend.  You remember my Koons inspired boxes?  Well, I just love these balloon pups and believe this red one would look dynamite on your bookcases.

12 | pink earrings.  Girly and sophisticated these earrings are everything.

13 | rhinestone friendship bracelets.  Budhagirl's mantra of mindful glamor is just what the doctor ordered.  I adore their all-weather bangles which I blog about constantly and  these friendship bracelets are high on my list as well.  They are the grown-up version of the BFF heart necklace the young girls love so much.  They come in pairs- one for you and one for your friend. Cheers to friendship!!

14 | customized silhouette art.  I had seen these sillouettes a long time ago and had forgotten about them until Sue, from The Zhush, reminded me of them as she has one for each of her children going up the stairs.  They are personal, fun and beautiful.  The artist, Carter Kustera, also does dogs!  And he finishes them off with a cheeky comment below.  Here are Sue's-


And last but not least, the fifteenth valentine's day gift idea I have for you is a Velvet Crate gift box.  If you want to send a perfectly curated care package to your sweet friends look no further. Velvet Crate 's special 'Love' box has the cutest things.  See below-

And here is a close-up of the items that come inside.

Kind of a perfect gift right?  I could not have come up with a better box of treats even if I tried.

I got this list out to you early so you would not have any excuses!  Be inspired to show all those people you love how special they are. xxxxxxxxxxxxx (kisses!!!)

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  1. Thank you for the feature! Happy Valentine's Day! XO Mad Jewels

  2. I forgot the Valentine's day is around the corner, yikes!! These are such pretty picks :)

  3. Pretty picks!! Especially that white and black trinket tray, off to check it out ;)

  4. one of the best vday gift guides out there! I want them all!

  5. Love your picks! The bkr bottle is fabulous. We included them in our Past Crates collection!

  6. This Little Secrets dish is so cute. But my fave is definitely the Velvet crate box!!!
    Love it ♥

  7. What a fun list! I love Valentines Day too :) xoxo

  8. You always find the best things, Albertina! Have an excellent weekend! xoxo


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