Interiors || Parisian Apartment

February 25, 2015

There is nothing like a classic Parisian apartment complete with gilded moldings and ceilings, fabulous parquet floors and contemporary furniture.  Designed by Klavs Rosenfalck, this apartment is pure bliss.  Everything had to be redone, even the fun stuff like all the plumbing and electrical work.  The hooks from where the chandeliers used to hang were not even electrified which meant that the they were lit with candles previously.  The sexy sofa which brakes up all the straight lines of the moldings and the floor is by Vladmir Kagan (his designs are very cool.  If you don't know his work you can get a sense for his sexy pieces here).

I love the contrast of the modern red dining table in the classic space.  It updates the space and makes us appreciate the details even more. This Parisian apartment is what dreams are made of.

If you could have a second home what city would you chose for it?

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  1. I adore this apartment for the city, the old architecture and the modern elements! It is really a statement and so chic. I'd choose Paris or somewhere with a view of the ocean. xo Nancy

  2. Be still my heart, my jaw has dropped - those doors, that gold molding - my idea of heaven:)

  3. this apartment is incredible! I am so in love with the classical, detail-oriented architecture combined with the sleek, modern furniture - only in Paris. If I could live any other city I would love to live in Santa Barbara or Melbourne!


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