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March 05, 2015

[ fringe clutch | pineapple trinket tray | lemon placemats | Moroccan wedding baskets | giant inflatable Koons dog ]

This dramatic over-sized clutch with white fringe is too cool for school. It would be the ideal accessory to wear all year-round and even has a decent price point.  I love the white and black combination but it is also available in tangerine with white. The locally made handbags are designed by Erin Shaffer.  They are chic, minimalistic and different which is what I love most about them.  See some of their other handbags here. And these Moroccan wedding baskets from West Elm are dreamy.  Unexpected and simply fabulous.  They are perfect for magazines, toys, shoes.....a small tree.  I have a small indoor tree my husband gave me for Christmas which would be much beautified by this basket beneath. 
The bright and springy placemats make me so happy.  I mostly have cloth placemats but ever since I got some plastic striped ones at Ikea I'm hooked on easy to wipe clean as these lemon ones are.  I know I'm being overly dramatic when I tell you that they have changed my life, but really they look amazing in my kitchen and are so easy to take care off.  So, I can only imagine what these bright yellow and green ones would do to my kitchen?  Those could make all meals look even tastier.  A feast for the eyes. The pineapple trinket dish is sweet and perfect for your desk or bedside table.  And let me dedicate a whole paragraph to this inflatable dog.

I really love the Koons balloon dogs.  You may remember my little DIY here.  Well, I found these amazing gigantic inflatable Koons look-alike inflatable balloon dogs (they come in black and silver as well) in Walmart of all places. Our very talented and fabulously creative friend Jessica from BudhaGirl had some similar ones by her front door with Santa hats and wreaths during the Christmas holidays and I just fell in love with them.  A little bit of research later and I found them online.  My plan for you is this- if you want to have the coolest party buy several of them and put them in your yard and/or pool and use this invitation for your guests and your theme is complete. They are not inexpensive but atfer such pretty decor you probably don't need anything else!

My thoughts were all over the place today I think.  But really, all I want to do is finish House of Cards.  I'm only 4 episodes in. Did you watch it all already?  What's on your mind lately? 

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  1. Your mind is so awesomely fun and creative! I may be the only person in the world who is not watching House of Cards; I think some major binge watching is near at hand. :)

  2. You should try these paper placemats by the pad---super chic!! www.platdujourco.com

  3. I have been eyeing those WE baskets too. That would be adorable with your tree in it!


  4. Loving that pineapple tray! Hoping I can catch up on House of Cards this weekend :)

  5. Oh my Goodness the Pop Sugar feature!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! so so amazing!! Hope you have the best of all times on your vacation :)

  6. I wish you had a picture of these on Jessica's porch, I'm so intrigued now! I really want to get some sort of huge statue or something to put by our pool one day. Something like the dog would be so fun!

  7. I love there West Elm baskets. They're much more doable to use in my house than a full wedding blanket. Kind of unexpected too.

    Are you in Season 3 of HoC, or just starting? We just finished season 3. I'll have to say, I think seasons 1 & 2 were more of a roller coaster...


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