Interiors || Lauren Santo Domingo's Paris Apartment

April 22, 2015

This is an oldie but a goody!  I came across these photos again recently and I love this apartment even more this second time around.  It is everything a Parisian apartment should be- elegant, dramatic, romantic and a mix of antique and modern.  It is swoon worthy for sure!  Just the art alone is fabulous....and that terrace!

The designer is François Catroux.  I found his apartment photographed by AD in 1976.  It is a very cool Asian inspired space still very relevant to today's aesthetic and has many great design lessons.  See it here.

Happy Wednesday friends.  I have my big fundraiser on Friday so I'm running around doing all the last minute things, and it's a lot!!  Wish me luck. xx

[images via Vogue]

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  1. Stunning! I'd love to live here. :) Those big pots of lavender are something I intend to copy for my yard. The designer's apartment is quite nice, too. Good luck with your event!

  2. That apartment is beautiful beyond words...thank you for sharing! Hope you are having a fabulous week, Albertina - good luck with the fundraiser preparations! xoxo

  3. Hi, I just have to randomly tell you that your blog layout is perfect. I LOVE how clean it is and the yellow adds such a perfect pop. It's hard to find a nice, clean looking blog nowadays. LOVE yours. (I think I've always looked at yours from my phone, but I'm on my nice, big computer screen and just said WOW out loud.) And on top of that, your blog content is killer. You are killing it. Love what you're dong. It's great motivation. And this Paris apartment is out of control. Beautiful. Okay too much coffee! xox

  4. I think that Paris is heaven on earth and this apartment reflects just that. Those moldings are just unreal


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