Wishful Easter Basket

April 01, 2015

This is what my current wishful Easter basket looks like. In all honesty, all I need is a dark chocolate bunny and I'm good to go.  Oh and maybe that chocolate bunny needs to be accompanied by champagne. Now, that is the perfect combination. Oh and can you believe where are in April already?

The leopard bench is sophisticated and can pretty much go anywhere.  I thought the acrylic tray was so adorable and perfect for outdoor entertaining.  The Frida glasses would be added fun in any home bar. Who doesn't need a pineapple somewhere?  The black and white box is fabulous and so inexpensive.  It would be a great addition to any coffee table styling. As would be the pink matches!  The cute tie-dye t-shirt just reminds me of all the Easter related egg dying.  And the tote is a chic and ideal carryall for all those spring picnics and summer days at the beach.

What pretty things would you include in your wishful Easter basket?  Share with me!

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  1. I love your style, Albertina! All of these selections are so fun! Incidentally, I just watched the film Frida a few weeks ago for the first time--so good!

  2. I would settle for a big basket filled with flowers - that would be just perfect! Happy April, Albertina! xoxo

  3. That's my kind of Easter Basket! I am getting the Black and White Box!!


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