NYC Recap

May 19, 2015

I was lucky enough to spend a few days in NYC last week. Not only was the weather glorious but I had the good fortune of seeing the Met's China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit. It was SPECTACULAR!  If you find yourself in NYC before it closes in August do yourself a favor and see it.  The exhibit explores the the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion and how China has fueled the fashionable imagination for centuries. This dress by McQueen with the de Gournay wallpaper backdrop is perfection. And what about these blue and white dresses?

A quiet stroll through the museum's sunlit galleries is always a good idea. It quiets the mind.  I could spend hours in this place.

I met some high school and college friends and also some blogger friends.  It's the blogger friends that take you to the super yummy under the radar restaurants.  Alison, who btw is launching her summer issue of Rose and Ivy today (must read), took me to Estela. YUM!  It was really divine. Please order the ricotta dumplings if you go.

I also had lunch with two other wonderful blogger friends- Sue from The Zhush and Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips.  We had lunch at Bergdorf's. Champagne was a must. And sweet Elizabeth brought the cutest presents.  The unwind ball was a blast.  I recommend them for your next dinner party!  Our once neat table....

ended like this by the cookie plate.  It was so much fun uncovering the surprises along the way.

I also stoped by Neue Galerie to see Klimt's The Woman in Gold and have some tea at Cafe Sabarsky which is a must.  Have you seen the movie yet?  I hear it was wonderful.

Showing off my BuDhaGirl sting ray wrist wraps with lotus caps in black and tan.  They add the perfect amount of sparkle for night time gatherings.

I miss this city so much.  As soon as I get off the plane I feel the energy.  I just love walking everywhere and soaking in the inspiration.  I'm so lucky I get to go back this summer.

What delicious restaurants do you recommend? or interesting things to do while in NYC?

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  1. I love NYC and am so excited to be going next week - so wish we had been there at the same time. I am the biggest fan of BG's and am never one to turn down a glass of champagne!! China through the looking glass looks amazing - what a treat that must have been! And your stingray bracelets…fabulous! Happy Wednesday ~

  2. Those bracelets!!! I love the energy of New York too. I think more than any place I could go or any restaurant I could eat at, it's the energy of the city that I long for!

  3. So, so fun meeting you, Albertina!!! And, seeing NYC through your eyes. I can't wait to see the Met exhibit on China and try Estella. I am wearing my Budhagirl bangles every day (not sure how I've lived without them) and now that I see the stingray on you….might just have to break down and get those, too. Whether it's Dallas or NYC…I look forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy this long weekend! xoxo Elizabeth


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