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May 04, 2015

I'm excited to see so many beautiful crochet pieces popping up everywhere- in shops, magazines editorials...  I think crochet pieces give out such a carefree vibe they are ideal for the warm spring and summer days. There are great casual every-day options but also some fancier, more elegant designs like this cute off-the-shoulder white dress that would be perfect for an evening party. Here are some inspiration photos.

And here are a couple of the pretty things I want to share with you-

I used to think crochet pieces weren't necessarily flattering but there are some very flowy pieces that I think would look great in all body types.

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  1. Gorgeous< but my eye fell on that pink skirt, wow!

  2. So pretty. I'm obsessed with crochet pieces from Self Portrait…want every dress! Happy Monday!

  3. I absolutely love this looks, it is feminine and ethereal.


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