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March 11, 2016

We made it! I'm especially excited for this weekend to begin because my husband and I are going to the Opera to see Manon.  This was my gift to him for Valentine's.  When I was in college I read the novel and then the libretto and only saw the opera in a video.  This is the first time I will see it live. What are you up to this weekend?  A few links for you-
|| This mint green door DIY is killing me.  I would love to do this somewhere in my home!  So fabulous!!!

|| I thought this was a cute gift for a friend.

||  I'm not having more kids anytime soon but loved this nursery.  The wallpaper is fabulous.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Love those doors and a big YES to Emily's fabulous nursery!


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