Good Vibes Lunch

April 12, 2016

'Good Vibes Only' was the theme to a small lunch I had last week for a few girlfriends.  The evil eye was at the center to repel misfortunes....and only permit good vibes, to celebrate spring, friends and life in general.  This theme is a bit unorthodox, but this is exactly why I chose is different and original.  Let me tour you around-

I loved how each guest styled their own evil eye bracelet in their own way.  I made a fabulous old family recipe for white mushroom lasagna that is to die for.  It is so much work, but worth every stir of that bechamel sauce!  I added a simple salad of mixed greens and for dessert my favorite flourless chocolate cake.

Table Basics ||  The striped placemats are the best $1.49 I have ever spent!  Seriously, they make my table look so cool and modern.  I feel like I'm eating out of a catalogue with them, plus they are plastic and wipe clean. Easy!  I'm still obsessed with my gold silverware and love using it (loving this one lately as well).  And the fab marble plates are from here #obsessed with them.

Floral Centerpiece ||  Get creative!  I grabbed a geometric figure from my husband's library and I tied flowers all around it with floral wire.  It was so easy and fun to make, plus it really made a statement and was completely unexpected. 

Evil Eye Linens ||   These are from Hibiscus Linens (you may remember my beautiful heart cocktail napkins I blogged about here.   They have exquisite designs fit to be heirloom pieces for future generations.  I love the contrast of the esoteric evil eye in such a classic style napkin.  You can work with Hibiscus Linens to create something special for you.  mariana is a delight to work with. Their custom work is fabulous.  Hey, if they are good enough for Danielle Rollins, the super hostess with the mostess, they are definitely good enough for me!

Evil Eye Cookies  ||  The super talented Reggie from @Highlandparkpielady makes the yummiest and prettiest cookies around.  If you are in Dallas make sure you follow her on instagram to see her amazing creations.  She is so wonderful to work with.  She came up with the coolest cookie arrangement for my daughter's First Communion (coming in May!).  I can't wait to share with you! I think they will be a huge hit.

Evil Eye Bracelets ||  These cute and fun bracelets are from BuDhaGirl (they will be coming to the website soon, I promise!).  They are so chic and look fabulous combined with your watch and whatever else you have going on.  They are a sweet gift for a friend you wish only wonderful things for because they help keep all harm at bay.  

I really want to do a Cinco De Mayo luncheon as well, but boy do I have a million things to do with my daughter's first communion fast approaching. I think that will be for next year...let's see. 

Are you organizing any events this spring?  Any fun themes you will be doing?  Share!

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  1. SO different! I love it. Fabulous photos too.

  2. Love, love, love everything! Dying over those evil eye bracelets -- so cute. (P.S. Your blog looks FAB!) xx

  3. I love it, Albertina! Everything looks amazing and the flower arrangement - so chic! I know a good time was had by all!

  4. Just amazing!!! I'm sure it was the coolest luncheon your friends had been to in a long while. You are SO creative. Especially love those evil eye cookies and that cute picture of you with your camera!

    Your vibe reminds me of Kelly Wearstler!!!
    xx E

  5. I love that picture of you with the eye!!!
    And those marble plates are so beautiful... Lucky friends!

  6. I love that picture of you with the eye!!!
    And those marble plates are so beautiful... Lucky friends!

  7. Wow!! What an amazing luncheon!! You were on point with all the exquisite details! The bracelets, Table Linens! The cookies are just incredible!

  8. You are so adorable! I hope I can be half the host you are someday. Love the thought and beauty you put into this!

  9. I love how dramatic the table setting is and the theme is so original. I absolutely love this!!


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