Let the Light In

June 28, 2016

There is nothing I love more than huge windows like the ones above. HEAVEN! Let the light in.  This fabulous home by Michael Haverland Architect in East Hampton, NY took my breath away.  Aside from the fabulous windows the interior design is pretty spectacular, and well, the architecture is EVERYTHING.  You must see the rest-

And the contrast to the facade-

What an interesting combination! Aside from the scale of the windows I have always loved a sunken living area.  Everything about this house is enviable. 

Loving the furniture?  I just love the shape of the Kagan sofa. Here are some similar pieces-

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  1. I have to admit, the facade shocked me! With the floor-to-ceiling windows on the rest of the home, I frankly would never have expected that facade. Regardless, the whole house is truly beautiful! I love how the exterior doors blend in with the windows.

  2. Wow - just stunning!! I am such a traditionalist, but I still love the wall of windows and clean, modern lines. Hope you are having a good week, Albertina! xoxo

  3. Insanely good! Those windows and that contrast with the front is so unexpected!


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