A Fabulous Home in Madrid

August 09, 2016

Funny story.  When we were coming back to Dallas from Madrid.  I noticed this very elegantly dressed man who entered first class.  You could tell this was a man of style.  A few days later when I'm leafing through magazines I recognize the same man.  It turns out this was Michael Smith an interior designer married to U.S. Ambassador to Spain, James Costos.  Well, I was now very curious to see his work and of course it does not disappoint.  He was the designer who worked on The White House redoing President's Obama's private quarters.  Today, I'm going to share with you their home in Madrid which also doubles as the U.S. Embassy. The decor plays tribute to both cultures- the Spanish and the American.

I really would love some sort of neon art in my home.  I just love the mix of modern and classic in their dining room. A few more photos-

I have always loved folding screens.

I love the matchy- matchy look of wall fabric and drapes.

The idea of hanging tapestries across the room is brilliant.

Beautiful framed hand-drawn wallpaper.  I need to make this happen in my home sometime soon.

Their term is up when Obama leaves office.  So they only have a few more months to enjoy this beautiful home!  Who will get to enjoy it next?  To see more of the home visit here.

[photos via AD]

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  1. How exciting to realize who that was after you got home and find their beautiful home. Adore that it is elegant but with such a fun twist. Hope you're having a great week!


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