Dining in #BLUEANDWHITE Heaven

October 14, 2016

Nothing beats finding an instantaneous collection. You are about to enter into a blue and white plate heaven when you look further down. I love the look of similar but different plates to create an eclectic table setting. If you love this look as well you will fall in love with this beautiful mixed blue and white plate collection by Spode I just got from Hayneedle.  Have you ever shopped there?  I had never heard of it, but they are an online home furnishings and decor retailer with a great assortment of furniture, decor and tabletop items at great prices (which is always a nice bonus).  I'm always a little weary when I order something from a new place but I liked their product assortment had a wonderful buying experience. And of course those beautiful plates needed to make the trip to my home stat. No need to search for similar plates in different places when you can get them all in the same collection.  This Spode plate collection I got consists of six assorted blue and white plates.  And you know what is even better than an instantaneous fabulous mismatched collection? An instantaneous fabulous mismatched collection on sale (the set of six is currently $74 down from $150!).  Take a look-

I'm so thrilled with my new blue and white plates!  I had always wanted a set, and this set was just so easy and practical to get.  I could potentially get another set so I can entertain 12 friends, instead of 6. The more, the merrier!  You can buy my set here.  Or there is another similar one here and another one hereOh and I was looking on One King's Lane and they have vintage versions of these Spode sets for a few hundred dollars.  So it's nice to know these plates are actually an investment.  I sure know how to make myself feel better right? ;)

Happy Weekend,

[all photos by AC]

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  1. I love these!! And, even better that they are so reasonably priced! They look fabulous with your monogrammed napkins. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Albertina! xoxo


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