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April 10, 2017

Jenny Komenda's Little Green Notebook was one of the first blogs I was instantly addicted to (you can see my old living room here on her blog).  She is so talented in design, crafty in DYIs, creative in general, such a great entrepreneur, and just the loveliest person ever.  I was really excited to learn that she recently launched, Jenny's Print Shop, where you can download some of her beautiful photos for just $15.  These are high resolution images that you can then print in large format (my favorite! you can print these over 20"×30″ if you wanted to) and frame to your liking.  So, for just $15 you can get beautiful art for your home to enliven your space. Her photos are fun, colorful and different.  There is something for everyone.  Let me show you my faves....this flower one is definitely my most favorite....but there are many that I would not mind hanging in my home.

Aren't they dynamic and vibrant? These would be great for playrooms, kids' rooms...powder bathrooms, family rooms.  Really anywhere!  And at that price there is no risk.  You can't go wrong.  Thank you Jenny for always helping us keep our homes beautiful without having to break the bank!  She has a great eye and now we can all benefit.  Check out her store here.

[images via Jenny's Print Shop ]

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