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May 12, 2017

I am devouring books lately.  As my baby reads more and more I am doing the same.  We cozy up in the sofa, husband included, and we each read our books.  It is our latest evening ritual.  I then pass the good ones to my mom to read, which makes it fun because we can then discuss them.  My daughter has even asked me to read some of her favorites, which I have.  And I'm just thrilled that kids' literature is so exciting nowadays. There is such a great variety of topics. I could do a book post on her favorites book as well (she is 9 so if you need recommendations for that age group I have plenty!)  In any case, here are a few of my latest favorites (there have been quite a few duds too, which I immediately stop reading. Life is too short and there are too many great books out there).  Here they are (bottom to top)-

Homegoing ||  This was fabulous!  I would say my favorite from the bunch. My good friend and bibliophile recommended this one so I knew it had to be good.  It follows the parallel stories of two sisters in Africa from different villages and their descendants through eight generations. One was married to an Englishman and lived in a palace while the other one was sold into slavery and was imprisoned in the same palace's dungeon below.  The author, Yaa Gyasi, beautifully and dramatically explores the effects of slavery that we can still find in this nation today.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog ||  A real treasure!!  It is beautifully written, with special erudite and endearing characters.  The author which seemed part poet to me is also a philosophy professor so she weaves in thoughts on beauty and philosophy throughout. It is about what everyone thinks is a typical concierge in a high class Parisian building.  But she is not typical at all, but an autodidact that loves to read and knows all about art, history, philosophy, music, but nobody suspects any of this.....In this building also lives a 12 year-old girl who wants to commit suicide. In then moves a Japanese man that touches both their lives.  This one was a huge bestseller in Europe and I think it begins to make its rounds here.  I highly recommend it.

The Mountain Story ||  An exciting novel about a young man who goes up a mountain to commit suicide but has to delay his end as finds himself helping some lost women in the trails.  After some missteps they are all stranded together in the wilderness and they have to rely on each other for survival.  They live through dramatic and scary situations which forces them to form amazing bonds.  This was a page turner.  The story line  was well crafted and the characters are well developed. 

Simply South of Simple ||  My sweet and very talented friend Kristy Woodson Harvey (also a blogger! check out her beautiful blog she co-writes with her mom) who is being dubbed a "major voice in Southern fiction" is the author of this beautiful novel of the journey of three sisters and their mother.  Kristy explores family bonds  and how they can be put to the test as a a secret from their past that has the potential to tear them apart surfaces. This is Kristy's third book and I am just so amazed at her imagination that conjures up such beautiful stories and heart-felt stories.  I can envision this one becoming a movie and having maybe Julia Roberts play the mom?

A Wife's Tale || I enjoyed the Mountain Story so much that my friend recommended another novel by the same author. Lori Lansens.  In this story a woman wakes up on her 25th anniversary to find that her husband never arrived.  This once slim woman who now has gained plenty of weight begins in a journey of adventure as she tries to find her husband, but it seems she is finding herself.    I'm not done reading this one yet, but Lori does a fabulous job with character development.  I will tell you more when I finish it, which I hope will be this weekend!

Let me know if you have read or read any of these!!  And now for some links!

||  Fashion for under $100.  This dress is too cute and perfect for summer (if you love navy and white stripes this one is for you).  If you prefer gingham then this one is for you.  And this dress is so elegant (it comes in black too).  I can't even believe this dress is $23!!!  Crazy but perfect for the beach.

||  Love big earrings like me?  You will love these bird ones.

||  It was One Room Challenge Reveal Week!!!  I will post on my favorites next week, but wanted to highlight Christine Dovey's reveal, which is sensational!, because one of my photographs now hangs in her playroom.  Take a look!

Wishing you all a wonderful and pampered Mother's Day!!  I ill be twining in stripes with my baby and mom!!.

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  1. I love Christine Dovey's reveal and your photography is to die for!

  2. What a pretty picture, Albertina! Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!
    C + C

    1. Thank you!!! I love my peony so much! I think of you guys all the time when I see it!! I have ordered your book recommendation!! xx

  3. Beautiful photo! Thank you so much for the book recommdations - it is time for summer reading by the pool!!

    Have a fabulous Mother's Day, Albertina!!!

  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your kind words about Slightly South of Simple! And Julia Roberts as Ansley?! Oh my- I can dream, right? :) :)


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