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August 15, 2017

Exciting news!!!  Mimosa Lane has a new website at a new address!!! I hope you will come and check it out.  I promise it is prettier, more informative, more fun and I think more practical. Let's just say that overall it is more functional as well.  It is kind of a more grown-up version of this current blog.  Come visit and let me know your thoughts!!!
I truly appreciate all the support you have given me in these last few years.  I really enjoy keeping you all up-to-date on interior design trends, cool fashion ideas and unique and original finds that can make your life a little more interesting. I realize that as I have been getting busier and busier throughout the years I am blogging less than I did a few years back, but I'm hoping to find a more disciplined way back into it. And I really think this new blog will keep me motivated.  I have so many new things I want to share with you!  But for now let me share with you a few things about the blog.  The most important thing- I NEED YOU TO SUBSCRIBE!!!  because I was unable to transfer my subscribers (a complete tragedy I know! I'm still crying about it everyday.) Here is how. Take a look-


When you visit the new blog you will notice a subscribe option at the top right-hand corner.  It has a drop down menu so you can subscribe via email or bloglovin, but I know most of you prefer email.  So, choose this option. Enter your email when prompted and then confirm subscription as a final step.  And that's it!!! This will ensure that you get an email with any posts on the blog so you never miss a beat.

This redesign was not an easy process!  There are many things I'm still working out, aside from the subscriber tragedy, all the posts transferred in broken sentences and paragraphs, which means I have to go back, one by one and fix them.  Please bear with me while I sort thru them.  Booooooo!!!!!  But I know it will all be worth it in the end. So please (I'm really begging) subscribe to the new and improved Mimosa Lane. I promise it is quick and easy.  

 In the new blog's Home page you will, of course, see a list of the the latest posts like you see below-

I also added a few new sections.  One highlights certain items for the HOME that have caught my attention and that I'm currently coveting -

And the other section highlights a few goodies for YOURSELF that are unique and totally in 'My Wishlist'!! See-

At the bottom I have direct links to the rooms I designed during the One Room Challenge.  I get lots of questions on these so here they will be more easily accessible.

And if you are wondering who designed all this fabulousness.....well it is Kelly from Kiki and Co. She not only designed but also helped me through this complicated migration process. If your blog is needing a little pick-me up or a total make-over Kelly is your gal!  She has great taste and is great to work with.

Ok cuties.  Visit me at the new and improved Mimosa Lane and remember to subscribe!!!  See you around like a donut!

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