What kind of a hat girl are you?

April 27, 2012

I have hats on my mind as well as a million other things revolving around the world of Polo.  You see I'm chairing a polo fundraising event on May 12th to raise money for pediatric neurological research for The Child Brain Foundation.  Huh??  Well, basically the money goes to finding out more about the brain and how it works.  It is a great organization and they are doing their important part in advancing the knowledge that surrounds the brain.  After all, its one of the most important parts of our body.

So aside from the actual important things like organizing the silent auction, promoting the event (please if you live in Dallas you should come..it is great fun! You can get tickets here) and making sure everything is under control, I'm also thinking about my outfit.  Because, well, the outfit is half the fun! And the hat is 80% of the outfit in this case.  I will be styling a fascinator again this year because they are sooooo comfortable and I need comfortable as I will be running around all afternoon. (The British and Spaniards have it right!)

What kind of a hat girl are you?        

Alrightie.... Happy Friday friends!

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  1. Me gusta la causa, MARAVILLOSO tu esfuerzo.

    Espero fotos!


    1. Gracias Remedios! Ojala estuiera por aqui para que pudieras asistir! Carinos,


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