Clair Tompkins' home

I was so excited to come across Claire Tompkin's home while leafing through local Paper City magazine (page 19) What a treat!  You may remember Clair when I introduced you to Tompkin Lloyd Interiors in this post which I photographed. Her home is spectacular and mixes textures perfectly.  I'm just adoring the burled wood desk mixed in with the zebra rug.  Her home is chic and sophisticated and yet feels so comfortable even though the glam factor is definitely on.


The Airplantman

I am in love with this discovery.  The Airplantman is my latest obsession. It is the brain child of Josh Rosen, landscape architect, artist and horticulturist. He has elevated (literally!) the airplant to an art form by creating a beautiful array of vessels to compliment these air plants creating really sculptural pieces. He has blurred the line between plant and art. If you are a newbie like me an airplant is a plant that thrives suspended on air with no need for soil. You just have to submerge them beneath water once a week for several hours (easy, peasy).  This is my type of plant for sure-low maintenance and dramatic- exactly my cup of tea.


Some Sales

Just a few cute items on sale for you to peruse during the weekend.  This Nordstrom sale is really fab because they have included many fall items as well.   Prices go back up on August 4th, so take advantage now!


Paris with kids || Eleven things to do

My friend and I took our daughters to Paris for the first time just a week ago.  It was so exciting!  Beginning with the anticipation and planning of the trip and ending with the wonderful memories of having introduced my daughter to one of the most amazing cities in the world. The girls absolutely loved it and I, seeing everything though their eyes, fell in love with the city all over again.  It really was a magical trip. A perfect mother-daughter getaway. We were in Paris for three days and four nights and were able to fit all this in.  Keep in mind that our girls are seven (or almost seven!) so we had to adjust the trip accordingly.  Here, I highlight what I think are eleven wonderful and easy things to do in Paris with kids.


Lighting || Atelier de Troupe

I have some black and gold lighting goodness for you all today.  Atelier de Troupe studio is based in California and they concentrate on familiar and timeless designs.  I'm just loving all of their pieces. I love finding a company that feeds my lighting obsessions. Here are a few more and I promise the trip photos will be coming soon-


Product Scoop || Decorum Home Accesories

I really like sharing with you my great product finds that not everyone knows about.  Because we all really enjoy being the first ones to find something of real beauty and value before everyone else recognizes it right?  This way you become a fabulous tastemaker among your friends and the source for finding all things chic and exciting. Yes? Yes! So, today I want to introduce you Decorum and their distinctive collection of home accessories which includes trays, catchalls, coasters, ice buckets and styleboardsDecorum uses authentic fabrics to make all their products.  I'm just in love with their trays (specifically this malachite beauty!!). They add texture to any corner and the fabrics they come in are so vibrant in personality.


I'm back and a guest post

I'm back!!  I'm so happy to be back home, but of course I have a million and one things to do.  I hope to get some photos up for you soon as well as some city tips for visits with kids.  And while I download photos I will be guest posting over at Krystine Edward's blog in her series "Guess who is dropping in for coffee"- in my case tea! I'm so honored she featured me! Krystine designs and sells home in the Charleston area.  She has great style and is the sweetest thing on earth. Come see the post here.  And I promise to be back with regular programming. xx

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