Five Tips for the Most Practical Big Kid Desk

I'm thrilled that school is back in session. I love summers and its relaxed daily living, but I am a creature of habit and returning to a routine does wonders for my productivity.  Little Miss A started school yesterday and it was very exciting to start a new school year. This is not just any new school year but a very special school year as she starts first grade. First grade, in our case, translates to: new building, new classes (like Chinese!), lunches at the cafeteria (no more lunchboxes, thank you!), timed tests and most importantly... HOMEWORK.  We take schoolwork very seriously around here and so I wanted to organize a cute and comfortable big girl desk for Little Miss A so that she would love sitting in it. It has to be comfortable enough so she can stay focused, and functional enough so that the set-up could work for many years to come.  Here are my five tips to create the most practical "big kid desk"


The Brushstroke Lamp by Jana Bek

These brushstroke lamps have been on my radar for a while.  You all know I love lighting - pendants, sconces, chandeliers, vintage, contemporary, no matter....I simply have a weakness.  These brushstroke table lamps are no exception. I love the happy movement they provide wherever they are placed.  Jana Bek, a fabulous interior designer, is the creator of these fabulous lamps which are handmade right ehre in the United States. In a world where most things are made in China it is nice to invest locally and especially in something so beautiful.  You can get them in an array of colors (navy, fuchsia, Wedgewood blue and deep eggplant) or even get a custom color just for you.  With these pretties you can easily dress-up a table and add some character. Following are different vignettes that show them in action-


Swan (Hollywood Regency Inspired) Birthday Party

Little Miss A's Swan birthday party was a big success.  She and her sweet friends had a wonderful time and I had so much fun putting everything together.  Originally, I had wanted to set the little table for the girls outside but the Dallas temperatures were prohibitive, so I had to set up camp inside in our kitchen....not as pretty but definitely cooler.  If you have been reading you know the original theme was inspired by the Hollywood Regency look, but in order to get my little girl on board and excited about the theme I translated it to a SWAN party-  after all, it was all about the huge swan floatie.


On My Mind || Pink

Did you see these amazing paintings over at The Pink Pagoda yesterday?  They are by very talented Susie Bettenhausen and all Pink Pagoda readers get a 40% discount!  They are very affordable and I recommend you go check them out. I'm thinking I may get the one pictured above, so I call dibs on that one!  

So, pink is on my mind since Little A's birthday party is tomorrow and we have plenty of this color making its appearance, of course.


Product Scoop || B by Brandie China


In my ideal home I would have enough space to accommodate closet after closet filled with all kinds of china. From modern to vintage, from casual to elegant, my china collection would be fabulous.  I recently came across B by Brandie's beautiful line of eclectic china and just had to share it with you. I fell in love with everything. Her collections offers magical combinations of colors and patterns that, in my opinion, would create a festive and beautiful tablescape.  When it comes to a special meal a pretty table is half the battle, no? Take a look at her inventive and fun collections. Her glassware designs are equally as spectacular.


Swan Birthday Theme

It's Little Miss A's birthday today! And boy has she have we been planning and dreaming of this day for months.  Gosh, it is so sweet to see such excitement over a birthday. The celebration really began this past week.  Little Miss A is practically an expert at blowing out candles as we have been telling the last few restaurants we have been to that it was her birthday. So, of course all desserts came with a candle!  Even though her party isn't today I want to share with you a little about her theme and decor.  Originally, I wanted to plan for a Hollywood Regency theme. But how do you explain this theme to a 6 year old?  So, I translated the theme to a SWAN party!  I approached my sweet friend Andrea from The Glam Pad, to help me identify the items that would make this party sparkle.  She was so sweet and sent me a list of fabulous ideas. Like for example, gathering inspiration from this Lilly Pulitzer luncheon she suggested I could turn these Lilly Pulitzer shower curtains into tablecloths.  I mean, she is brilliant!


Happy Friday and Links

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited it's the weekend because I get to see old friends and family plus we go back home on Sunday.  It is so nice to go away on vacation but I just love returning home.  I'm a routine kind of a girl and just thrive on it.  We have a few exciting events this coming week, making the return home even more special and exciting, like little Miss A's birthday! The countdown is on. I have a few fun links for you all today-
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