Friday Links

Happy Friday!  I'm out of breath.....which is a good thing.  I'm busy and loving it.  Here are some fun links for your weekend reading.


On My Mind || Fall "ish"

School starts next week for us which means I automatically switch to FALL mode even though it is still 105 degrees here in Dallas.  I really look forward to getting back into my routine. I am a creature of habit after all.  Fringe is still super hot this season.  I'm loving this fringed bag and the fringed booties.  They also come in black and brown.  And back to the bag.  I really love the surprising orange and yellow handle- it gives it personality.  I enjoy unexpected details like this.  Can you believe I just got my iPhone 6?  I'm always the last one of my friends to get the latest gadget.  So, I'm pretty excited about it.  Mostly because I know the camera is a lot better. This is the iPhone cover that is on my radar for it.  I think it's so cute and understated.  I hope to order it asap and let you all know how it is.


Interiors || Alex Papachristidis

I love a good library and this one by Alex Papachristidis, is one of my all-time favorites.  Many of you will be very familiar with his home, but I know that for some of my readers this might be an introduction (if so, you are in a for a real treat). The ombre effect of pinks and purples with the splash of yellow is elegant and exciting.  The fabric covered bookcases with the brass nail-heads make for a cozy backdrop and that rug just ties it all in so beautifully. I admire how he makes the classic pieces seem fresh and modern.  His entire apartment is a jewel.  I could marvel at these rich and inspirational rooms all day.  Wait 'till you see the dining room curtain treatment and the entryway-


Ice Cream Cone Birthday Party

My baby turned eight last week and we had a fun celebration for her.  What could be better than a pool party, a piñata and some sweet treats to celebrate?  Each year I let her choose her theme and then we plan her small party together.  I love that birthdays at this age are equally as exciting as Christmas. I especially enjoyed this party as I think it may be the last one where we have a piñata for her. (In case you want to see her previous parties- swan party, kokeshi doll party) Let me give you the tour. Let's start with the cake-


Interior Design || Obelisks

I am currently quite obsessed with obelisks lately.  They are chic, add height to any vignette, and can complete the look with a nod to the past.  They are a classic addition to your home. You can be sure they will never go out of style.  I have a few on my radar as I'm thinking I will gift myself one for my birthday.  Here are different ways you can style them in your home-


Friday Links

I love this image.  I love the seating arrangement and the way that small etching is framed above the mantel.  All that matting is genius. See more of this beautiful home designed by Andrew Brown here.  And some fun links for you this weekend-


On My Mind || Brights

I have a list of some pretty and bright things for you today, which I hope you will love!  Those hot pink chairs are on sale at $319 for a set of two!  I have similar ones and let me tell you that I paid plenty more for them.  You can use them as accent chairs flanking a console and they would add so much interest with that awesome color.  They come in other colors too.  Now, let's please all focus on this fabulous print titled Seventh HeavenMinted's art collection keeps getting better and better and this print is proof of this.  It is by my sweet and talented friend Steph, whom you remember from this introduction I made of her fabulous etsy shop. I'm so excited now you can now own a print of her work.
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