One Room Challenge || Walk-In Closet

I'm so excited because today marks the first day of October and of the Fall One Room ChallengeThe One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago where she lines up twenty very talented professional bloggers and designers to redo a room in just six weeks.  We will update you every Wednesday for the next six weeks on our progress. This is my second time participating (you can see my first One Room Challenge here) and I'm just thrilled and honored to be among such talented ladies.  So let me tell you about the room I chose to design-


Art to Outfit || Cozy Grays

I just love Jenny Prinn's work.  I discovered her via Serena and Lily's beautifully curated art shop.  It turns out that most paintings I liked from here are hers.  She also sells some of her work directly from her website. Her use of color is magical and so this gray and yellow painting inspired today's outfit.  The combination of  yellow and gray is, to me, one of the most elegant color combinations for both home and fashion. When I saw this clutch I knew it would fit right in.  For the cooler fall weather there is nothing that I like more than comfortable, cozy and chic outfits that are easy and comfortable.



Just a few photos of our trip to Charleston a few weeks ago.  We met my good friend from college, Cristina,  and her kids for the weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Even though we speak on the phone almost weekly, we had not seen each other in over 6 years!  Now, this is way too long to go without seeing a good friend.  But we picked up exactly where we left off, like no time had passed at all.  This is a true testament to the strength of our friendship.  And we really had so much to talk about....we talked non-stop. I'm sure you can imagine.

Charleston was lovely.  I especially enjoyed the food and the architecture. Let me give you a few highlights-


Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  We have so many fun plans this weekend with friends, I can't wait to get the weekend started.  I hope you do too.  I have a few links and remember that next week is the first week of The One Room Challenge! Yeay!  I can't wait to share with you all that are involved and what I will be working on.


The Impromptu Bar with Austin Cocktails

I love entertaining and having people over.  A few days before a I host a dinner I start compiling all the things I need.  The to-dos can get lengthy...from finding the right ingredients, that special bread, the perfect spirits with their appropriate mixers, the good wine, to finding that special French cheese.  Ooooh and the flowers, of course.  And this doesn't even include, the deep cleaning, setting the table....  So sometimes it's nice to be able to welcome friends last-minute for a nice evening. No fuzz, no mixers, no fancy Hors d'oeuvres.  Enter Austin Cocktails.  These are pre-mixed cocktails with the yummiest of flavors from Vodkarita (Vodka + Natural Lime + Natural Orange + Organic Agave Nectar), Paradise Found ( Vodka + Natural Coconut Water + Stone and Citrus Fruits + Basil + Organic Agave Nectar), Tea Twister (Vodka + Real Tea + Natural Lemon + Organic Agave Nectar), to Cucumber Vodka Mojito (Vodka + Natural Cucumber + Natural Mint + Natural Lime + Organic Agave Nectar). They are like a party in a bottle.  With these to serve to your guests you don't need much else to entertain your friends. 


What Lies Beneath

I will be fashioning some shoes while I tour you around to show you some of our home's rugs.  But what I really want to focus on is what lies beneath...and what is that??!  Why the rug pads, of course!  I have some good rug pads and some cheap rug pads and the difference is like night and day.  Did you know that cheap rug pads can potentially ruin your hardwood floors.  This is why little by little I will be upgrading all my pads.  The best source I have found so far for high quality rug pads is Rug Pad USA.  They have eco-friendly products, which is rare since the market is flooded with toxic pvc imported rug pads, plus they are made right here in the US.  Additionally, they can even be custom cut to fit your rug specifications at no extra charge. This for me is quite the selling point. Ok, so here are some of my rugs and more shoes-


Artist Spotlight || Katie Craig

I love how the Internet makes it easy to discover new things constantly with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.   When you have the time it's fun exploring where the rabbit hole might take you and last night it took me to artist Katie Craig's website.  She lives here in Dallas and has some beautiful original pieces at attractive prices so I thought you all needed to know about her.  I know my friends and I love original works.  Katie's use of color is fascinating. I'm just in love with this painting pictured above.  Here are a few more-
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