May 02, 2012

So, I has to find an outfit for a party this weekend.
I stopped by one of my favorite boutiques in Dallas; 

The photos are self evident. This is one of the most well edited shops around.
Check out just a few of my favorites.
If anything interests you just give them a jingle.  
This top and shorts have the perfect boho chic vibe.
Just as cute for carpool, or with wedges for a casual night out.
This was my absolute fave
look at the detail
Snappy beaded clutches with custom monograms for a VERY reasonable price.
Oh yes, a huge selection of Missoni M
This floor length dress is so delicate and sexy all in one.
We all need a gold collar for summer. This one is perfect.
Did I mention they have home accessories too?
This over-sized clutch will be mine. Check out the shagreen box on the right.
Who doesn't need a snake print goddess dress??

Thank you Connnie!!! Your store makes me happy to be back in Big D.
Thanks Albertina for the great photos.
Happy hump day. Julie

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  1. love the monogram clutches- a must in my future!

  2. DYING! Do we share a brain or something because I love everything pictured here!

  3. Thanks everyone.I am so glad you like!

  4. I adore the dress in the last picture- perfect for a summertime dinner outside

    As for the clutches.....OBSESSED
    Been looking everywhere for the perfect clutch, and this really is amazing
    I wonder if they would ship to Montreal...


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