Happy Labor Day- Thankful for Summer

September 03, 2012

Even though summer is not officially over, Labor Day usually marks the beginning of fall in the hearts of many of us.  It means going back to school, back to the routine, and soon enough when the time changes, our days will be shorter and holidays will start to roll in.  This Labor Day I am thankful for a wonderful summer.  A summer filled with such special moments and experiences, good friends, and care-free moments.  

I am thankful for a summer filled with flavor and color
and beautiful views of such historic places.
I am thankful for all the sunsets that gave us such beautiful light
and for beach days that were pure excitement
even if sometimes they were a little crowded.
I am thankful for being able to visit such beautiful places
and for being able to show my daughter where real live princesses once lived without having to go to Disney.
Summer is a time where we learn to be brave as we learn from older friends
and reminisce on flavors from childhood.
I am thankful for such perfect summer skies,
vibrant colors,
and for realizing that a fairy tale can come to life unexpectedly in the middle of a plaza.
I am thankful for swimming in such special places where great writers once lived
and for being presented with random beauty in the middle of nowhere.
I am thankful for patrons of the arts that support local museums so they can have such beautiful exhibitions
that make you see things differently.
I am thankful for the all the outings with friends
and for all the important firsts of a lifetime that build our confidence and self-esteem.
I am thankful for the simple beauty that can be captured in paper
and for the companionship of a loyal friend.

 Happy last days of summer.  I am going to miss all of it.  What about you?

(all photos by AMC for Mimosa Lane)

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  1. Loved the pictures and the quotes, they were very heartfelt.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures and nice sentiments, a great way to start the day. :)

  4. Love this! I'm going to miss warm late night walks with my husband the most. I must admit though, I do love fall :)

  5. Oh how beautiful, Albertina!!

  6. I missed the beach this summer, and I'm so sad about it!!! Happy Labor Day!

  7. what a lovely post full of live experiences. My summer has been mostly working, but living in San Francisco it's not over yet. And my long overdue vacation will be in December... thank you for sharing your snapshots from your live. Your daughters are adorable!


  8. Oh you just touched my heart!! Great post!! Those are great memories.

  9. You touched my heart with those beautiful memories! Great post as always.

  10. The most beautiful, lovely post I've seen in a long while! I will miss summer, too, but I do love for the weather to change!

  11. beautiful post my dear... love all the colors and blue skies!

  12. Bueno, bueno!! Casi me haces llorar con este post!! Bellísimo!!! Y que buenos modelos de zapatos conseguiste! Felicidades..;)

  13. Bueno, bueno!! Casi me haces llorar con este post!! Bellísimo!!! Y que buenos modelos de zapatos conseguiste! Felicidades..;)


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