Three Design beauties

September 18, 2012

First off- WAO!  This kitchen stopped me in my tracks.  Heavenly Brass!  It is designed by Tom Dixon of course! (and you all know the crush we have on his lamps here). 

Second on my list today- hello perfect cabinet from Studio Job.  I want one just so I can have that gorgeous key.  I would love the orange one so I can safely store all my sweet love letters from my husband.  It would look perfect in my office that is orange and green.

And last but definitely not least this Designer's Guild fabric- Arles collection by Christian Lacroix.  Fresh and colorful.  Oh my!  

There are such beautiful creations/designs in this world and here you have three perfect examples.  Which is your fave?  I'm not sure I could decide.

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  1. Those brass pendants slay me!!! Yowwwwyy!!!

  2. Wow is right! That kitchen is stunning! That fabric is so beautiful too, a bit whimsical.

  3. The kirchen hands down is my favorite! I love the rough brick wall and the industrial feel.

  4. Beautiful brass finishes are definitely coming back in, a little more refined than brass as we knew it back when, like champagne brass that Brizo is doing now- dreamy.

  5. I like the fabric hehe. I'm a sucker for whimsical/floral prints!

  6. I am trying to figure out what the counter top is. Any idea? I need one!! The fabric is also stunning.

  7. I'm lusting over that kitchen.... Daydreaming here in my desk!

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. :)

    I'm always struck by how large Tom Dixon lights are whenever I see them in person. I also have to say that if I could move into a Designers Guild ad, I would. If you ever get a chance to see/hear Tricia Guild speak you should go. She's very inspiring.

  9. oh em gee!! THIS. This is amazing. Love it.

  10. That kitchen is INSANE. In a good way obviously!! :)


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