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October 26, 2012

I'm thrilled it is Friday! You?? Let's talk about affordable art. I love that there is so much affordable art out there nowadays.  Etsy is always a great source if you know where to look.  Also, a lot of bloggers are making beautiful works (like Sketch42, Cocoa and Hearts, My Favorite and My Best, Wink of Pink).  There are some great websites that also offer original art at great prices like this website that I blogged about a while back (here).  And last night I discovered the wonderful world of Serena and Lilly's art collection.  I always knew about their beautiful baby and children's bedding and home accessories, but I didn't realize their art collection was filled with such beautiful pieces at such wonderful prices. 

You can find some things for under $195 and plenty at around $800.  They do have more expensive works as well.  I know $800 is a lot but I want you to consider this- how many of you have bought a handbag with price range around there? shoes?  Yes, you see what I mean?  Handbags get tossed around, put beneath seats on airplanes....they wear. And I say this having received from my grandmother some beautiful clutches. So yes, they have lasted for some fifty years at least but their condition is definitely not mint. A work of art is probably a better investment and here is why: It is on your wall untouched, if the artist does well it can even appreciate. You also get to get to enjoy it every day not just when it goes with your outfit (so there is more joy derived per penny spent since you basically use it/see it every day).  And you get to pass it on to future generations.  Yes, I did go there.  In today's disposable society we really don't think past our xx birthdays (you fill in the it your 35th?, or big 4-0 th?), let alone past our future generations. I feel like art stands the test of time a little better than most other things.  This is my case for investing in art. Do it, it is good for the soul.

So go check out Serena and Lilly's art collection here.  And if you want to find out about these paintings I have brought them together for you here:

Happy Friday!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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    I'm going to do a mural of pictures. the color are the grouping 1 . I will copy . ¡¡is beautiful !

  2. I love grouping two, the colors are just so soothing and beautiful. I love Etsy for original art! Have a great weekend!

  3. Couldn't agree more! Art is timeless and worth the investment! Happy friday love!

  4. These are amazing!!! Have you seen any good monochromatic pieces??? I am needing one in a major way.

  5. I LOVE the grouping ! Love these shades of pink & purple and the design!

  6. I think I like the first and third collections the best - I had no idea Serena & Lily sold art. There is an art school {the school of the MFA in Boston} that holds a sale every December and it's so much fun to look. I haven't purchased anything there yet but would love to some day.

  7. My boyfriend collects art and sometimes he express doubts about his endeavors. But in the end we always agree that those are money spent so well. He does have some incredible pieces that he and those are him will most likely enjoy for years to come. And I think most of those pieces are also great investment choices.

    Great post as always!


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