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November 09, 2012

Happy Friday!!  Ok, it is scary how quickly November is passing by.  Thanksgiving is almost here, my most favorite holiday of the year.  Little Miss A. actually came up with this cute and easy DIY art after she saw a cute birthday I received.  She grabbed some heart stickers and some rhinestone stickers to make this precious ice cream cone. It looks beautiful in her night table against the Pink Pagoda Print I love pink and red together.

Yes, those are part of the Seven Dwarfs there.  They were mine from when I was a little girl. 

So, on to the feet.  Have any of you heard of Bootights?  A bizarre yet intriguing concept. So, this is where they come in handy- It is starting to get chilly, you want to wear your cute boots with your pretty skirt but your feet usually get sweaty so you wear some knee-highs as well.  Except, that day the only clean ones you have are yellow...and don't really match your outfit.  Oops!!
Yes!!  Bootights have a sock incorporated into the foot part of the tight.  They are extra cushiony and warm and cozy.  I'm kind of digging them.
Neato- Mosquito! Yes? You dig?

Some other ramblings.

Sandy.  ||  I'm loving this cute t-shirt.  100% of the profits go toward Hurricane Sandy relief programs.

Collaboration.  ||  Have you had the opportunity to check out the Narciso Rodriguez collaboration with Kohl's?  These pants are my favorite.  With that style and that price what is not to love?

Holiday Attire.  ||  I have had holiday attire on my mind lately and am loving this dress for the festivities.

Happy Weekend!  I hope you have a lot of fun plans, outings, and projects to do this weekend.  Happy Happy! xx 

[  All photos by me ]

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  1. How precious, you have a little artist on your hands! Also, boot tights, amazing! I could have used those yesterday!

  2. Hehe, that lil Miss A is a talented one. Future artist extraordinaire on your hands lady. I don't think I've ever been to a Kohl's. Isn't it strange that you frequent certain stores and never try others? That collaboration may send me there this weekend. A freezing 60 degrees in Miami so I also need to go get some new boots - pregnancy feet have decided to be a permanent fixture so nothing fits! sigh. Stay warm as well and have a fab weekend.

  3. adorable! and personal-even better! Have a great weekend Albertina!
    xo Nancy


  4. Hola
    How precious, you have a little artist on your hands.i love love the color combination in you photo

  5. The Nraciso R. collection is stunning! Love so many pieces!

  6. Oh my goodness, bootights look amazing! I always have that problem of "too hot or too cold" feeties. And they are made in the USA! Marvelous =)

  7. Have a great weekend! Such cute art work!

  8. I love your skirt! You are such a fashion icon. Love you! XOXO

  9. Love your skirt and jewelry!! You're such a fashion icon. X0X0 Tía

  10. Those are such a great idea!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  11. I think she has a career as an artist. That is a wonderful print, and yes it's perfect with the PP print.I have never heard of the boot-things, but I love being warm.

  12. I love ice cream that much too, what a cute art piece. :) I haven't seen the boot tights before, my strategy has been to wear regular socks and then fish them out when I finally am able to yank my boots off my feet.

  13. A post packed full of great tips! Your daughter's artwork will inspire me for art time with my little one. Also love the bootsock and the sequined dress - a fresh look for the holiday season. (I've pinned the dress just now!)

  14. I love getting to see my print in the room! You've got it styled beautifully! Thank you for the mention!


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