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April 19, 2013

Hey my beautiful friends- do you all know what is in all your beauty products?  You all have heard me talk about natural beauty products before (like my friend's magnificent skin care line Tata Harper which I blogged about here and here). Well, yesterday I had the privilege of learning about a new skin care line called Beautycounter that uses only nontoxic ingredients. I was so excited to learn about this new line directly from the founder, Gregg Renfrew, (don't be fooled by the name she is a woman!) I was in awe with this force of a woman and her powerful vision for the future of the skincare industryWhat was alarming to me were some interesting facts about the FDA.  For example, did you know that the European union has banned 1,300 ingredients from being used in cosmetics because their effects on humans are not quite known?  And how many do you think the United States has banned?  I would have thought maybe 300?  Well, its actually 11.  Yes, be surprised and angry and realize that we all need to be aware of what is in the products we use for our daily routine.

There are over 10,000 chemicals used in the skin care and beauty industry, and only about 10% of these ingredients have safety data. This is not very reassuring.  So, this is why I urge you to look into these new lines of products that are fighting for your well being so you can take the best care of yourself and those you love..

Beautycounter will be introducing a children's line which I'm thrilled about.  I want my baby's body to remain as toxin free for as long possible.  And they will be coming out with a make-up line as well.  You can see their products here. Go get your smart beauty on! 

Just a few links this week-

1  || I guest posted on Heart of Gold Luxury on Monday while Alison enjoys her getaway to the Caribbean and I forgot to link up.  So come get some pendant light inspiration here.  You can achieve some similar effects with these and these pendants from West Elm (the prices are fab!) and even these from Ikea.  So there really is no excuse if you want to modernize a dining table  or desk.

2 ||  Dying over this bikini. So cute!! 

3 || Loving Charlotte Olympia's new cosmic collectionSo now you can wear your sign on your shoes. Such cute loafers! I'm a Scorpio, what are you?

Have a wonderful, safe, happy and fun weekend.

[images via Beautycounter


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  1. I need some new beauty products for sure. Love your weekly roundup! Happy weekend, doll!

  2. I get most of my products from this company A group of us have been using them for a long time.

  3. i'm all about NATURAL products too! - and i LOVE CO shoes!!!

  4. thanks for introducing us to this line!

  5. You've definitely given me something to think about...that's a pretty disconcerting figure! I will be looking into these lines immediately :)

  6. I always go to the safe cosmetics website before buying soaps and cosmetics. It's nice there are more and more alternatives these days. Have a great weekend!

  7. It is really important to be mindful of what we're actually putting on our faces and I find myself shifting towards more natural beauty lines because of that.

    Happy weekend Albertina!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. You know, I picked up jar of day cream recently and started to read through the list of ingredients. I recognized only one of them- water. They all had very chemical-based names and none of them appeared to be plant derived. I picked up an eye cream and a night cream from the same line and found that the ingredients listed were exactly the same for all three packaged under separate labels. Really gave me pause about what I was willing to put on my skin.

  9. I'm so unresponsible with these sorts of things. I just head straight to the MAC counter.....

    For skin care I just use what my derm recommends. I'll get with the program one these days.

  10. Didn't know Beautycounter but I love all "natural" skin cares.
    I have to see if they're available in France ...!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. My sis was just sharing those stats with me this week! It totally has me second guessing my products. I think a complete overhaul is in order.

  12. Thank you about the Beauty Counter products intro! I'm almost out my facial creams so it's the perfect time to try something new!

  13. wow that's so crazy ! got to take extra special care of what you put on your skin.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  14. 11?! That is alarming. Definitely checking out this product line!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  15. I've been trying to use more natural skincare products and will definitely check these out - i LOVE the packaging!

  16. Gracias por compartir esa información

  17. It is alarming, isn't it? I'm a beautycounter consultant and LOVE the facial care line (the #1 Calendula Facial Oil being my current obsession). I've been super vigilant about food (organic, checking ingredient labels) and almost as much with skincare products for over 10 years now (not half as diligent about cosmetics, though!) and I have to say when learned about beautycounter (Gregg is a friend from college) there were things that even floored me. The one about fragrance being a 'trade secret' and often a catch all for chemicals they may want to hide was astounding.

    Thanks for featuring our awesome products! (and I'm glad I learned about your sweet blog, to boot).


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