Pandora Boxes

July 05, 2013

Nadia from Preciously Me is here today to share several beautiful options of boxes, which are one of her favorite things.  I fell in love with Nadia and her beautiful blog a while ago.  Her DIYs are so creative and original.  My favorite to make has been the Mongolian Lamb Stool (Nadia's original version and my copycat version).  Nadia is sweet and genuine and has such a fantastic aesthetic (of course she is Parisian!!).  You will love her blog if you don't know it yet. TRUST!  Here she is-

Bonjour Dear Mimosa Lane readers! I'm Nadia from Preciously Me and you just cannot imagine how happy I am to be here with you today! A few months ago I did the first guest post of my life on this blog ... So believe me Mimosa Lane will always be a very special blog for me!!! If you read the post I did here, you know that one of My Favorite Things are boxes. I love boxes or better my Pandora Boxes as I call them! Boxes are beautiful decorative objects and you can fill them with whatever you want. That's why I call them Pandora boxes because you never know what I hide in all the boxes I have in my little home before opening them.

You can find many kind of boxes, different pattern and materials. Boxes are perfect to style a table, a nighstand, to organize a desk or a console, to decorate shelves and more. I think it's the kind of decorative object that everyone should have in a home because it can also beautifully hide things that you don't want to display. To help you to find the perfect Pandora box for your home here are some precious boxes that I could be soon on my wishlist!
Preciously Me for Mimosa Lane : Pandora boxes

I want them all but if I had to chose I would say that maybe the number 7 are my fave ...! Anyway, I hope it will help you to find the right Pandora box to hide your little treasures ... Thank you so much Albertina for having me here today and I hope to see you soon in Europe! Au revoir!

Thanks Nadia!!  Ooohhh  smitten with No. 7 as well!  Visit Nadia here. Thanks so much Nadia!!

Image source Boxes : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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  1. Gorgeous selection! I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite... :)

  2. I love #1. The slender stacked duo is gorge!

  3. LOVE all of these gorgeous boxes too and going to check out nadia's blog right now. have a great weekend albertina!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- design in your home link up

  4. Oh, I loves me some boxes! I almost always use one or two in my projects. Tres bien Nadia! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

  5. Hola amiga disfruta tus vacaciones y no te preocupes ,,, nada mejor que la desconexión total ,, yo este fin sed semana también me voy de vacaciones de invierno

  6. Thanks for having me here today Albertina!!!
    Muchos besos ♥

  7. Love them all Albertina! My fave would be the Kelly Wearstler one! I would love to DIY one of those!

  8. Oooh a totally gorgeous selection! So much prettiness going on here! :)

  9. I'm such a sucker for boxes, bowls, anything that's intended to store things. Love this round-up ;)

  10. I am a box addict too. Love these! Great guest post!

  11. ummm...i need all of those! gorgeous!!

  12. Gahhhhhh Albertina! I put myself on a spending freeze and here you go tempting me hard core. SO BEAUTIFUL, especially 6,7,8,9. Afraid to check pricing....


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