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August 07, 2013

I saw these bracelets in a store in Madrid and was so intrigued.  The colors were so vibrant and lively and the designs were adorable.....I didn't realize how big they are, as in "you need some asap".  Friends, these are "IN".  Have I been living under a rock?  or is it just a European thing?  Well, my mom coincidentally sent me this article about them where I learned that the bracelet has a celebrity cult following like Heidi Klum.

Cruciani, is the Italian company behind these cuties. And as all unique products out there, they have a heartwarming story of how they came to be.  Cruciani's parent company used to make traditional lace tablecloths, curtains, and bed linens after World War II.  And being at the verge of having to close down they had the idea of using this macrame bits to sell as bracelets.  They recently expanded into the U.S., starting with a corner in Barneys last February (major seal of approval in my book).

Cute right?  Barney's sells them here. They range from $10 to $20 depending on the design making them perfect for a little gift or for small little treat for yourself.  I'm always watching your back....making sure you know what's on trend. 

[ photos via Cruciani's site here ]

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  1. We must have been under the same rock. I had no idea. Super cute!

  2. So adorable!

  3. These are so cute and playful!

    Perfect to pair with a summer dress :)


  4. These are adorable, Albertina! I forwarded this post on to my son and suggested they would make perfect gifts to bring home from Spain! Hope you are doing well! xoxo

  5. They are big here too...but had NO idea of the charming story, so great! Now I really love them even more...need some for my girls!:)

  6. Those colorful little bracelets are reallt cute!
    And thank you so much for the story, it's always great to know a bit more about what you buy.

  7. yo ayer fui a una cordonoria , y vi esas guardas.. jamas se me habría ocurrido de pulseras. muy buena idea!!

  8. Cute! I need a butterfly one asap!

  9. OMG what a pretty bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
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