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September 24, 2013

So excited to have the ninth edition of  the "We love" series.  Here was the last post in the series in case you missed it.  To refresh your memory Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic and I will be gathering inspiration under a certain theme a couple of times a month and sharing it with you. Sam will guest post here in my blog and I will post at Sam's.  I guess you could say we are swapping for the day.  This time around its all about Stripes!!

Hi loves!  Sam here, from The Peak of Tres Chicback for another "We Love" collaboration post with Albertina.  Today we are focusing on all things striped.  As a zebra lover since childhood, I've practically always had a thing for stripes.  Nowadays, I think the classic pattern works beautifully among other textiles or with richer hues. I love a striped rug or an upholstered chair in a pretty stripe fabric for the home.  When it comes to my wardrobe, I adore a black and white striped skirt or tunic: 

With just a touch of stripe, you can make quite a visual impact.  I love that!  Come see Albertina's favorite striped picks over on my blog here.  Have a lovely Tuesday! XOXO, Sam

For the Home: Cole & Sons Hummingbird Wallpaper$356/2 rolls/Hoof Foot Side Table $795/Pink Double Gourd Ceramic Vase $20/Ralph Lauren Brompton Swing Arm Floor Lamp $1,650/Bellacor Green and White Striped Chair $635.95

For the Wardrobe: Elaine Turner Snakeskin Clutch $250/Rebecca Taylor Peach Blouse $$295/Halston Heritage Striped Skirt $245/Sperry Wedges $79.99

{interior image/fashion image}

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  1. That bird wallpaper is impossibly pretty! I love it!

  2. Sam and Viv both love stripes :) That upholstered chair is amazing.

  3. What a dreamy roundup! Absolutely LOVE the wallpaper!

  4. Ok, that chair is all sorts of amazing–I want it!

  5. that chair!! swoon!

  6. I'm smitten with that chair...and side table. Well actually all of a good stripe!

  7. Adore that skirt Sam! And of course can you ever go wrong with stripes??

  8. Gah I love that chair. I have about a bajillion striped shirts, but I think I need to get a skirt too!!! xoxo

  9. How fun to see you swap places with Sam today and thank you for including us in your post! We loved the green room you posted and think our bouquet would be perfect on that table. Hope you're having a great day!
    C + C

  10. I love Sam! OK, it's not a stripe, but that tall standing lamp is faboooo!!


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