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October 29, 2013

It's only Tuesday but I can't wait till Friday.  Not because it will finally be the weekend but because my fabulous friend, Marian Lefeld, will be displaying her recent and archival works at her home (in Preston Hollow). The best part?  They will be for sale!  If you are in the Dallas area and love art please stop by and have a glass of wine with us.  Her work is dramatic, colorful, and so powerful.  You will love meeting Marian and seeing these beautiful pieces.  I love gatherings like these because they are all about the creation of sentiment and beauty and you all know how much I love art and meeting the artist is such an integral part of the art buying experience.

I already have my eye on this one below.  You might or might not remember I did a post on Marian last year.  As an update from the last post Marian finished her Masters in Fine Arts in Painting from SMU.  Her work has been exhibited in various galleries in Texas, The Netherlands, Venezuela and Argentina and she has won many prestigious awards (see my last post for more details).  If you are in the area you will love taking a glimpse into Marian's world.  Come join us from 5-10 this Friday.

If you hadn't noticed, Marian is fascinated by grids and they have become a central focal point in her work.  Aside from her work, you will love meeting her (she is one of the most charming people I know) and seeing her beautiful home.

I hope you can make it!!

[all images via Marian Lefeld]

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  1. Wow, that yellow painting is just stunning - I wish I lived in Dallas because I would definitely stop by! Congratulations to your friend:)

  2. Her paintings almost look like mosaics...I would love to stop by...if only I was in Texas!!

    Have a lovely day, Albertina!! xoxo

  3. Oh, I so wish we still lived in Dallas!!!! Marian's art is incredible!

    The Glam Pad

  4. Hola Albertina me encanto la segunda pintura .. Me da la sensación de un cerro lleno de casas ..

  5. I am so CRUSHED that I will be out of toen this weekend!! Nooooooo!!! Sad face.

  6. Beautiful. These are insanely gorgeous. Love the bright bursts of color.

  7. Her work is really beautiful!!!
    I wish I could have come to Dallas to see those paintings and finally meet my virtual friend too :(


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