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November 26, 2013

[ one. leopard sweater | two. skateboard | three. paper costume to color | four. kate spade paper boxes | five. children's classic book set | six. peter pan pop-up book | seven. sequins hangers | eight. raccoon hat and mittens | nine. old-school playing cards]

This is always a fun gift guide to put together.  There seems to be a million more options for kids than when we were little.  ready?  here it is-

one. pink leopard sweater || If this existed in my size it would be in my closet already.  Such a cute sweater for that budding fashionista.

two. skateboard || Last summer I saw my sweet nine-year old nieces enjoying their skateboards so much that I made a mental note for my gift guide.  No longer for just boys, skateboards are so much fun, especially if they come in these great colors.  (more colors on the website as well).

three. paper costume that can be colored in || The perfect and inexpensive gift (only $20) for a kid any age.  Even a twelve year old will love this.  These are paper costumes that are made to be colored in or embellished.  They have different animals too like foxes and leopards. I love anything that stimulates the imagination.

four. kate spade carboard nesting boxes ||  These are the cutest for storing toys or safekeeping things in closets.  I absolutely love the combination of patterns.
five. children's classics book set ||  These classics are so good for the soul and are so beautifully bound in a rainbow of colors.  They would look precious in a bookshelf or in a night-table and are sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

six. peter pan pop-up book ||  This pop-up books helps bring Peter Pan's story to life with the beautiful images.  My daughter has the Alice in Wonderland version and it really is a treasure and so beautiful to look at.

seven. sequins hanger set || So girly and perfect for a little girl's closet.

eight. raccoon hat and mittens ||  This is the fun way to keep your child warm and cozy this winter.  This is another less expensive version for girls.

nine. old-school playing cards set || Hours and hours of fun guaranteed with this inexpensive gift.  A classic for sure.  I was an Old Maid fanatic, you? any favorites?  I used to love playing with my grandma.

Oh and if all else fails the rainbow loom , which is the latest craze, be a hit for sure (for kids 5 and up) and this divided tray box to keep the colored rubber bands organized is a must.

A few more gift guides are coming up in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Is it bad that I want that set of books? I see them at Anthropologie individually but never as a set!

  2. That sweater is adorable. I want one in my size.

  3. thanks for these items! going to look up those skateboards now!

  4. Love that sweater. How cute is that???

  5. Ufff tengo que pensar en los regalos de ávidas de mis niños ,, buenas ideas Albertins

  6. ok these are all precious and i would totally buy those storage boxes for myself!

  7. Ok, I love the Kate Spade boxes & I'm def getting my kids the paper costumes. So fun. Thanks for posting such original and interesting gifts!

  8. LOVING all of your gift guides! My favorite this season


  9. I LOVE every single Item. My kids would really enjoy the Pop Up Books. I will add these to their lists. The sweater is adorable!

  10. seriously need those kate spade boxes for my own office.


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