Ten Wallpaper Sources

November 20, 2013

I have quite the thing for wallpaper and I have since I first moved to Dallas 7 years ago when wallpaper was just starting to make a come-back.  I especially like bold and daring designs- kind of big impact and striking imagery.  The prints are just so bold and fun lately.  It really is entertaining to see the crazy themes designers' are coming up with.  I'm a fan even if some are a little nutty....like this buggy one below (not for everyone, but how fun would it be in a powder room?)

Here are he ten sources of wallpaper I have gathered in the last month- some have great prices with a large variety and others have few but very unique choices. Disclaimer- Obviously, there are a million others but these are the ones that have caught my attention for one reason or another.

1  || Abnormals Anomymous. These guys have some really fun and chic designs (the ants above are from here).  I think my fave is the puffer fish version.  It would be great in a powder bath or a boy's room.  

2  || Lindsay CowlesI found this one via AK Studio.  Alex covered her powder bathroom in this fabulous kalediscope-esque design. If you like color and excitement definitely check them out.  

3  || Anthropologie is a great wallpaper curator as well.  Their selection is really good and whimsical. This one and this one being my favorites of all times, no matter how many times I see them I never tire.

4  || Decorator's Best.  I have blogged about it before. They carry the Scalamandre's zebra which is such a classic.  I can never decide which color I like best in.  The navy one is just ideal for a boy's room.

5  || Hygge and West.  If you are a blogger you probably know about them, but if you are not this may be new to you.  They have a great selection and some really pretty designs.  This is my favorite.

6  ||  Serena and Lily. They just added wallpaper to their reportoire.  It's sweet too.  You may remember I blogged about their cherry one which we are considering for my daughter's closet.

7 || Flavor Paper.  Also carries a wide variety of bold designs.  I came across it when I blogged about this little girl's room.  

8 ||  Wallpapers to Go. I came across this one from the West Elm blog (the first photo in this post is from there) They really do have great brands like Schumacher and Brunschwig and Fils, (in love with this one)

9 || Holden and James.  I came across this one through the House Envy blog.  Perfect timing as I was gathering sources for this post today.  So, I explored this place asap and loved it. Even though they just have a few designs, they are all good ones. They have the Beverly Hotel Banana Leaf wallpaper, which I'm dying to use.  I know its a bit overdone now but I just love the tropical vibe so much.  And they have the Quadrille Arbre de Matisse which you all know I adore because it is the fabric of my headboard.

10 || Furbish. They have a small selection but its filled with fun ones.  The dalmatian one would look ideal in my closet.

Do you have fun wallpaper dreams?  or serious wallpaper dreams?  or maybe none at all? Do share!

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  1. I'm a closet wallpaper lover! I especially love it in kids' rooms and bathrooms! I found the black and white dog wallpaper on the Anthropologie website and totally freaked. I have to have it!!!

  2. love love that buggy one! I love wallpaper. I grew up with it at my mothers house and love that it is back with such beautiful prints. I have to hold myself back from putting it in every inch of my home!

  3. Thanks for such a good round up. I always get stuck when trying to find fun and modern wallpapers.

  4. Thank you for this!!! I want to put temp wallpaper in our bedroom because I love it so much too. Flavor Paper's headquarters is near my house in Brooklyn and it is awesome!

  5. Great recommendations! And that first picture is perfection!

  6. great picks! i dream about coronata star wallpaper for my ceiling, and i heard that rifle paper co. is coming out with a wallpaper line next year...definitely dreaming about that :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  7. These are all of my go-to wallpaper sources as well! I love it all, my husband...well not so much!

  8. This post is such a great resource! When I bought my first house in 2001, I had to pull down some not very pretty wallpaper and I vowed that I would never ever use wallpaper. But when you see these designs, how can you NOT want to use wallpaper?! Definitely thinking that I might have found my solution to a blank wall in my new dining room... :)

  9. This is great! I needed these sources - badly!

  10. I'm bookmarking this list. Thanks for sharing, I love me some great wallpaper. :)

  11. great list of sources! bookmarked!

  12. LOOOOVE Flavor Paper....and Walnut Wallpapers is amazing!! Great sources!!!!! xoxo

  13. Such great resources!! I personally LOVE wallpaper!

    The Glam Pad

  14. Thank you for your sources, Albertina...I am in the process of deciding whether to paint or paper my powder room and this is just what I needed.

    Have a great evening! xoxo

  15. I love wallpaper as you and especially with bold pattern! It can make a room so unique.
    Thanks for all those sources ;)

  16. Well you know I loves me some wallpaper! I was so happy to see this post lady. Great source guide for sure. I would mention that HGTV via Sherwin Williams now has some fab and affordable wallpaper offerings. Candace Olsen also has some killer wallpaper. I'm also a fan of the selections sold via Graham and Brown and My Two Designers. Definitely glad to see the revival of wallpaper in all its fun possibilities

  17. I'm such a fan ~ dying to add some! Thanks for putting together the sources, Albertina!

  18. Wanting some new wallpaper in my powder room and the soft aqua cheetah wallpeper from Furbish is amazing...love the sources!!

  19. Thank you sooooooooo much for these sources, many I've never heard of! I am SMITTEN with that buggy paper!!! Need to find a location to install ASAP!

  20. Where can I find the bug paper in the first picture? Love it!

    1. It's from here http://abnormalsanonymous.com/


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